Dan Shell

BLOC Staff Coach, Head Administrator • dshell@barbell-logic.com

Dan began his strength journey in 2011 by failing to complete marathon training due to knee pain. He turned to CrossFit, where he discovered barbell training. He trained inconsistently doing LP intermixed with attempts at other programs with varying success. He experienced long-term progress for the first time in the spring of 2018 when he signed up for Barbell Logic Online Coaching.

Having helped people attain and surpass their fitness goals for over a decade, he first seriously considered strength coaching as a career when his mom broke her ankle in 2018 and he struggled to find a coach he could recommend to her following her recovery. He enjoys the meaning and flexibility he’s found coaching people online and in person.

Dan believes that simple, difficult barbell training can transform people’s lives by instilling confidence, changing their physical appearance, developing greater physical abilities, encouraging healthy habits, and ultimately causing people to embrace the lifelong process of self-improvement.

Before working for Barbell Logic, Dan served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army from 2011 to 2019.

In-person coaching:

8185 Butcher Knife Road
Roseville, OH 43777


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