Driving passion into the barbell since 2017, Sean has 5 years of experience coaching at BLOC and has been training clients since 2015. Coaching competitive sport athletes, average joes, and injury prone gym goers, Sean pushes his lifters to be the best versions of themselves.

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  • 5 years of BLOC coaching

  • Preaches maintaining a positive relationship with nutrition and gym

  • Passionate about client success and celebration of achievement

Are you longing to rediscover your athletic prowess from the good ol days? Do you miss the thrill of playing ball, but find yourself too busy with family commitments? Sean is a professional in hybrid power training, adding nuance to his methods while maintaining a minimum effective dose model to help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently. Whether you’re aiming to improve your mile time while increasing your one-rep max squat or trying to enhance your 40-yard dash speed while increasing your 225 lb bench press reps, Sean’s expert programming can elevate your athleticism to the next level. Reignite your passion for fitness and achieve your personal best with Sean’s tailored approach to training.

In-person coaching:

Salt Lake City, UT



$305/month, contract-free

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Learn from Sean about the pathway to coaching and living a life of strength.

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