Sean comes from a blue-collar background, from playing football for over a decade to owning and operating a drywall business with his father. He shows the value of blue-collar work to his lifters by providing a positive but firm message of how hard work pays the strength bill.

While providing challenges for his lifters, Sean also recognizes the value of accomplishments. He enjoys celebrating his client’s life and training accomplishments with dancing, hollering, or in some cases taking shots of whiskey!

He has found this balance of positivity and firmness through years of experience in barbell training and competitive football. Sean has applied his work ethic to his studies; by graduating from the Barbell Logic Academy, he is a Barbell Logic Staff Coach and a certified Professional Barbell Coach. He continues to further his education by finishing his Business Degree at WGU. Sean lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he coaches out of his home gym.

In-person coaching:

Salt Lake City, UT

$0 Now, then $225/month


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