Rebekah Krieg

BLOC Staff Coach •

Bekah has worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant for fifteen years as well as a Clinic Director. After a collegiate soccer career, Bekah spent eight years coaching high school girls basketball. Her observations throughout her career as a therapist and as coach led her to the pursuit of strength training to ensure the reversal of both her client’s atrophy and her own. She has worked for Barbell Logic since its beginning, in December 2016. She also was happy to join the teaching staff of the Barbell Logic Academy at its inception.

Bekah has written for Barbell Logic and most enjoys spreading the message that “anyone can get stronger- and the investment is worth it.” A message she and fellow BLOC Staff Coach, Caleb Krieg preach at their gym Krieg Strength in State College, Pennsylvania. Bekah worked with clients from age 12- 74, teaching barbell training to both couch potatoes, competitive powerlifters, and college athletes alike.

Current Lift PRs: Squat 265, Deadlift 340, Bench 205, Press 125, Power Clean 160

In-person coaching:

Krieg Strength
2171 Sandy Drive
State College, PA 16803


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