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Combine the warm welcome of a campfire, the organizational skills of the cartel, and the spice of a New Mexico chile pepper—and you’ll arrive at Brittany Snyder.

Learn More About Brittany

  • Weakness doesn’t stand a chance when she’s at the helm

  • Whether you’re just starting out, or hard-charging for personal records, Brittany has the experience, knowledge and patience to help you get where you want to go

  • When she’s not coaching strength and nutrition, or getting under the barbell herself, she’s operating as a Fire Captain with over 17 years of experience

  • If Will Ferrell and Taylor Swift had a love child, and that child lifted weights, you’d get Brittany Snyder

Brittany currently lives in Santa Fe, NM where she serves as a Fire Captain and Paramedic. In addition to her 17+ years in the fire service, she has experience coaching strength athletes, teen lifters, older populations, group classes and fire academy cadets.

She is a Professional Barbell Coach and Precision Nutrition Coach.

Other fitness certifications include Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Strongman and ACE Peer Fitness Trainer.

Brittany holds an Associate of Arts Degree in addition to her Paramedic license.

If you ask her, she’ll tell you in her younger days she spent a lot of effort trying to get fit/thinner/better at her job through boot camp classes, spinning classes, figure skating lessons, weight machines, cardio machines, training for half marathons and adventure races. While fun, none were as impactful as forging a foundation of strength. Her one regret in life is not getting under the barbell sooner. She has experience competing in Crossfit, strongman and powerlifting competitions.



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