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BLOC Exclusive Coach, PBC • mburgos@barbell-logic.com

Michael Burgos is a barbell coach with a one-of-a-kind background. To his knowledge, he is the only barbell strength professional with a background in occupational therapy. Even if others exist, Burgos is the only one to have earned an advanced certification in the practice of hand therapy (CHT). He is the only person – alive or dead, in the entirety of human existence – to have ever done this. Burgos’ occupational-hand therapy career was dedicated to outpatient orthopedics with a focus on skilled elbow-to-fingertip subspecialty rehabilitation.

OTs view their clients differently than other health professionals. They select intervention strategies and techniques to respond to the needs of the client as a whole rather than relying solely on established protocols and doctrine. OTs are fearless and willing to bend the rules to achieve a net positive outcome. Above all else, OTs are committed to customized service and individualization. They understand that progress is often non-linear when circumstances are not optimal.

Sadly, the faster a client recovers, the fewer charges can be made to their insurance company. Being a good therapist isn’t good for business. Unwilling to intentionally turn his clients into cash cows on administrator’s orders, Burgos left the therapy world voluntarily and joined Barbell Logic as a staff coach in 2018 to apply his caregiver and servant mindset to the barbell strength coaching profession.

In tandem with serving his coaching clients online, Burgos also pours into the next generation of coaches as an educator for the Coaching Academy. Having mastered the fundamentals of basic barbell training, digesting evidence and opinion contrary to his experience, and constantly being exposed to new ideas and novel strategies from his students, Burgos’ teaching experience has reshaped his approach to strength training completely. Further, many coaches under his tutelage have gone on to establish their own small businesses and coaching practices.

Burgos carries his OT attitude and teaching prowess into his barbell coaching career. In particular, Burgos excels with working with men who haven’t had success in barbell training – either on their own or with a skilled coach. He understands that the principles of basic barbell training, linear progression, and Minimum Effective Dose programming are potential tools to use, not the law to abide by.

He prides himself on the ability to impress determination and focus on men who have difficulty motivating themselves to do hard things through the therapeutic use of his expertise and quirky personality. Since 2014, he has worked with a variety of clients including busy small business owners, fellow professional strength and conditioning coaches, military personnel, first-responders, career and recreational martial artists, and blue-collar workforce members who want to be able to provide for their families past age 40.

When he’s not coaching, Burgos can be found studying foreign languages, practicing martial arts, reading, or playing video games with his perfect wife: a gal of hardy stock, and high quality.

In-person coaching:

Five Crow Martial Arts
1343 N King St
Hampton, VA 23669


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