Caleb Krieg

BLOC Exclusive Coach, PBC •

Caleb is an exceptionally well-rounded coach and constantly goes above and beyond for his clients.

He got his start in coaching years ago as a weak and underweight CrossFitter. Frustrated with his own lack of progress, he learned that simple, hard barbell training produced more results in a few months than all those years of previous exercising had. Wanting to share this, he became passionate about helping get others under a barbell and has now coached hundreds of lifters to PRs.

He has been working as a strength coach professionally since 2014 and with Barbell Logic since 2017. In addition to coaching for Barbell Logic full-time, Caleb and his wife Rebekah own and operate a small semi-private training studio, Krieg Strength, in Holland, Michigan. He enjoys coaching a wide variety of trainees from average Joe’s to serious lifters looking to compete in Strength, Olympic, or Powerlifting.

Best Personal Lifts: Squat 525, Deadlift 555, Press 275, Bench 350, Power Clean 315, Snatch 255, Clean and Jerk 335.

In-person coaching:

Krieg Strength
Holland, MI


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