Ness Oszast

BLOC Staff Coach, PBC, Social Media Coordinator •

Ness Oszast is a strength coach based out of Warsaw, Poland. Before graduating with a degree in Musical Theatre Performance at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Ness stumbled upon her passion for lifting after being cast in a Shakespeare production that demanded strength and a skill for wrestling. Little did she know, barbell training would sweep her off her feet and leave acting in the dust!

Ness began coaching professionally in 2016, and has since coached clients in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Berlin, Malmo (Sweden), and Warsaw. In living in Europe and coaching at BLOC, she has managed to successfully combine her two largest passions in life: coaching and culture. Nutrition psychology comes in as a close third. 😉

When she is not coaching or traveling the world, Ness likes playing CS:GO and making fun YouTube challenge videos for the internet. She feels most fulfilled, however, by making people stronger and giving others the sense of confidence and empowerment that strength training provides.

In-person coaching:

Minneapolis, MN


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