Kris Freeman prides himself on adapting strength training to those that might need accommodations. Whether you have previous injuries or orthopedic limitations you too can get stronger.

Learn More About Kris

    • He has undergone a transformation from weak and fragile, to strong and resilient. Let him show you what you’re capable of.

    • Kris has a fine balance between empathy and pulling you up by your boot straps when you need a kick in the tail.

    • Kris once had a Coaching consult with Chuck Norris. Kris still has him on a waiting list 😜.

    • He likes his deadlifts heavy, and his music heavier.

Kris has always been a student of Fitness since he was a teenager. His goal has remained been function over form since his time serving as a Reconnaissance Marine. He has pushed his own body to its physical limits. In doing so he sustained career ending injuries after “dancing” with an IED while deployed to Fallujah, Iraq.

Before the door closed on his military career, he found another door to open into the Personal training and fitness industry. Kris is now been coaching in person clients for 17 years. He utilizes many tools to create strength and mobility in his clients from barbells, to kettlebells, to sleds, to bodyweight exercises.

After overcoming many personal injuries and setbacks, Kris has learned a great deal about creating adaptability in your training program. He has worked closely with multiple chiropractors and physical therapists to gain more knowledge on bridging the gap between the clinic and the gym. Ultimately your strength and quality of life is up to you, but Kris would love to show you a better path to get there.



$235/month, contract-free


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