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Save $$$ on Your Pathway to Coaching

For a limited-time, save $99 on Principles Course or more than $665 on Principles + Advanced + PBC Bundle!

Coaching Kickstarter Ebook

Kickstarting a coaching career can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be… The Coaching Kickstarter ebook will give you the tools and walk you through the steps you’ll need to coach others with confidence and competence. No permission slip required.

Meet the coach that is perfect for your goals.

Answer a few short questions and get matched with the best coach to help you experience strength. Whether you are brand new to strength training or have spent half of your life under a bar, this quick questionnaire will help match you with the coach best suited for your goals and training experience. A life of strength is one click away. Get matched with your coach in a matter of seconds.

Verbal Communication: Let’s Talk

Today, Matt & Niki delve into verbal communication – our primary means of communication as a coach, both in-person & online. While this may seem straightforward, many steps occur to correctly communicate to our clients & get them to move correctly.

Working Out in The Summer Heat

As impressive as your adaptive responses are—these responses handle small acute adaptations to heat with aplomb—sudden and significant changes in your environment can overwhelm them. As with many homeostatic responses, your body has acute responses and chronic responses. Chronic responses to changes in heat take place over about two weeks of increasing temperatures. This kind of adaptive homeostasis works well in preparing you for high summer training but is different from exposure to harmful heat. The physiological equivalent of “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger” it is not something you want to test out with heat stress.

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