Take the Challenge to go Beyond Lifting!

The Beyond Lifting Challenge brings BLOC’s simple, hard, effective approach to conditioning, nutrition, and activity in a FREE challenge that will help you make these valuable additions to your training and reach further with your goals.

Building muscle, particularly through barbell training, is already making a positive impact to your long-term health and quality of life. But there is more you can do for your heart, your body composition, and your general fitness. Sometimes going further requires going beyond lifting.

It’s simple. One new habit, workout, and step goal each week.

It’s hard. Don’t miss any workouts and keep track of every day with the Beyond Lifting Challenge workbook.

It’s effective.

We will give you three challenges each week. One nutrition habit, one conditioning workout, and one step counting target. The buy-in to these challenges is that you do not miss any training and that you push yourselves a little harder each week.

ONE Nutrition habit each week.

A new habit each week. To really push yourself, keep the previous week’s habit going as you add the next one.

ONE Conditioning workout each week.

From Beginner to Advanced, we will provide you with real options that work with your strength training.

ONE Step goal each week.

Steps are a great way to create a change and monitor changes in your activity level. Start with a modest goal and try to increase it each week. If you don’t have a step-counter, no problem. We’ll show you how to track your activity.


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