Located in sunny Boulder, CO, Jayson Ball makes training feel as good as a sunny afternoon in the Rocky Mountains. Like hiking outside with friends, barbell training with Jayson adds fresh air to your day.

Learn More About Jayson

  • He is a Neuroscience Ph.D student studying chronic pain at the University of Colorado Boulder

  • He owned and operated Feral Fitness in New York for five years with BLOC coach Noah Milstein

  • He spends his free time rock climbing outdoors and uses barbell training to climb to new heights

Since 2011, Jayson has been a professional barbell coach for clients of all ages and lifestyles. After running a barbell gym in New York with fellow Barbell Logic coach Noah Milstein for 5 years, he moved to Boulder Colorado to pursue a Ph.D in neuroscience studying chronic pain. In Boulder he runs a tight ship, crewed with great friends and clients. When not in the lab, he coaches Barbell Logic clients out of a local gym and spends his time rock climbing with friends.

Over the past decade of coaching Jayson has helped people of all demographics learn the mechanics of the barbell lifts, then use the barbells to get strong with proven programming methods and integrate strength training into the kinds of lifestyle the client wants to live.

Jayson is a nerd’s nerd. Between sets, he loves to chat about science, philosophy, and life well lived. He brings a scientist’s mindset to the weight room, where he helps empower the client to understand the hows, whys, and whats of the training journey.


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