Gauging Nutrition Progress

Gauging nutrition progress can be hard, as weight & waist may fluctuate or not change quickly (or as quickly as we’d like). Learn how to measure progress on nutrition.

Niki and Andrew discuss how you can better gauge nutrition progress and advance in the realm of nutrition.

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Gauging Nutrition Progress: Subjective Feelings

Tracking nutrition progress can be frustrating. The amount of work that goes into changing behaviors, even in a relatively short few day period, with no or little measurable change to metrics such as weight or waist, can cause people to quit.

What can become important, not just in these first few days but in general to become someone who builds some mastery in the realm of self-control and nutrition, is observing the feelings associated with feeling bad and feeling good.

How do you feel during training? Do you feel depleted, bloated, or energetic? Are you full, satisfied, or hungry? What do these actually feel like (e.g. how do you feel after eating an appropriately portioned healthy meal versus overeating versus undereating).

Observing these sensations and associating them with behaviors that connect to certain outcomes can help you see that you are on the right track or need to make adjustments.

Some of these feelings are longer-term feelings (e.g. tight pants, the seat belt test) others you can experience soon after a meal or after a day or a couple days of behavior changes.

Really, what you are learning to do is trust in the process by knowing the sensations that come from behaviors that will lead you toward your goals.

Gauging Nutrition Progress: Objective, Quantifiable Behaviors

Beyond this growing self-awareness, tracking behaviors that will lead you to your goals can be helpful. For example, tracking glasses of water, servings or grams of protein, servings or grams of fiber can help you track habits that will lead you toward your goal and, importantly, that you can control.

This helps provide a quantifiable metric that comes before the weight, waist, and appearance progress and is much easier to observe than the subjective feelings.

Gauging nutrition progress can be hard. Learn how to observe your subjective feelings associated with moving toward or away from your goals and create quantifiable metrics with healthy behaviors so you can better track your progress.




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