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Uncomfortable Truths

How do we confront uncomfortable truths about ourselves, not get bogged down in negativity, and move toward our goals.

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Uncomfortable Truths: Coming to Terms with Your Shortcomings

You set a goal. Inherent is this is that you do not like what you are doing now. Something must change.

You have probably intertwined your identity with the actions that you need to change.

The potential pitfall is wallowing in negativity and neuroticism. You may adopt a victim mentality. Clear this hurdle.

Uncomfortable Truths: Move Toward Your Goals

Niki and Andrew share common and personal examples.

One that happens that is less obvious is coming to terms with the slowing improvement toward the end of LP or early intermediate training.

You may have not reached the goals you expected or desired. You may have wrapped up your identity in the daily and weekly PRs, and now are trying to accept you have to do more work to get fewer PRs in less time.

Niki struggled with the process of gaining weight. She found having structure and guidelines around the process and metrics helped her have confidence in the process and her coach.

Andrew has confronted that he has accomplished much reacting to his emotions. Now, to reach further levels of professional development, he has to overcome this inclination.

Learn how to confront uncomfortable truths.




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