Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs

It’s time to conquer your limiting beliefs to finally achieve that goal you’ve had for years or decades.

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Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs: What is Possible

One of the biggest limiting beliefs is failing to understand what is possible, especially over a longer period of time.

People tend to overestimate how much change they can make in a short period of time but underestimate how much they can change over months and years.

The short change bias is why so many diets fail and why many media outlets develop the “8 weeks to abs” and similar things.

Seeing “normal” people perform things you think is impossible, though, is powerful. Watching people who don’t look like Ronnie Coleman or Ed Coan deadlift 500 or bench press 315 makes a big impact.

How did they achieve these goals? Through consistent training over years.

Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs: Feeling Stuck

We love what Barbell Logic offers because Barbell Logic coaches help clients get unstuck. Barbell Logic clients tend to fall into this general boat: ready to change, ready to work to change, ready to pay some money to change, but unsure of what to do.

Getting unstuck is possible. Achieving a physique or strength level you thought impossible is likely possible. It won’t happen in eight weeks. It might happen in eight years. See what happens with consistent training over months and years. Experience strength with Barbell Logic.

Conquer your limiting beliefs and crush your goals.




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