Similarities Between Building Wealth and Muscle

Learn the similarities between building wealth and muscle and how we can learn principles from both to improve both.

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Similarities Between Building Wealth and Muscle

Andrew and Niki have been reading The Psychology of Money, a book that, as its title suggests, delves into how we approach money based on the inner workings of our mind.

They really realized, reading this book, how similar building muscle and building wealth are.

So many principles of success (or paths to failure) overlap.

Some of the ideas that overlap include:

  • Less ego, more wealth
  • Humility when things are going well; compassion when going poorly
  • Importance of planning and knowing personal preferences
  • Avoid the extremes
  • Don’t worry about “optimum”

There is a lot more there, including maybe the obvious but important idea that there is no get rich or get jacked quick scheme. You have to build behaviors consistently over time to achieve strength or a muscular physique or wealth.

Also, shout out to YNAB, which is a company we appreciate that can help you on your path to your financial goals.

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