Questions for Niki Sims

We have questions for Niki Sims (and she has answers)! Learn more about Niki, her thoughts on training and life, and her goals.

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Questions for Niki Sims: Training, Success, & Motivation

Andrew asks Niki an assortment of questions.

What is a particularly memorable success story from one of your clients?

A story that stands out (and there are more, but this one jump into her head) is a daughter of a client who started to lift. Her family lifts, and so she started to lift.

Niki could tell something was off, but her client was not talkative. Finally, the client told Niki her back was hurting.

Niki change the training and let her know training should not hurt or be something you don’t look forward to.

Now, she loves training, she is into it, and you can see the different in her videos.

How do you stay motivated to train consistently and what advice do you give to those struggling with motivation to train? 

For Niki, this has become the favorite part of her day. She has tailored the time and space to what she wants. She has removed things she does not want.

If a lift is painful, she takes it out. She has her own home gym she loves. This time is a time without work (except work against gravity).

You should make this as fun and enjoyable and comfortable as you can – this includes the exercises you are doing but also the space, music, and more.

Questions for Niki Sims: Goals, Mentors, & the Future

Niki and Andrew continue.

What are your personal fitness goals and how are you working toward them? 

Niki is working on her chin-ups, both 1RM and AMRAP.

Besides this, she wants to consistently train four days a week with fun training sessions to get more meat on her body. Additionally, she learning how to eat to support this.

Who are some of your mentors in the fitness industry? 

Matt Reynolds has helped, but especially when it comes to learning about the business side of the industry.

Niki las learned much from Andrew Jackson on how to organize work to be more effective and efficient.

Gillian Ward, Niki’s coach, has been a huge mentor, from whom Niki has learned a ton.

Lastly, Niki loved to see how Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions infused passion into the everyday work of the team.

Where do you see the industry heading in the next 5-10 years?

Gyms will get better and better, especially in terms of equipment.

AI programming will mean less manual input but more data. You will be able to go into a gym with your program and not have to enter anything manually. You will know exactly what is available in the gym in your App.

These are questions for Niki Sims.




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