Road Trip Analogy

Learn about a road trip analogy that relates to goal achievement and GAMEplans. It’s ultimately about moving closer toward your desired end state.

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Road Trip Analogy

Matt shares an analogy he picked up from Niki Sims regarding how long-term goal achievement is like a road trip.

Your destination is the desired end state. You envision where you want to go first. Before you set out or plan your route, you must know where you are going.

You next decide on your route. Maybe you want to get there as quickly as possible, so you plan the shortest route on the main highways because you have small children.

Matt, describing a great road trip he did with his family to Telluride, CO a few years ago, took another approach. He and his family did not drive more than 5 hours a day. They planned fun stops along the way and picked more scenic ways, even if it added time.

They got to their final destination and enjoyed the way there.

Major stops along the way are like the goals in the GAMEplan. Those shorter stops are like the actions to get to the goal (e.g. gas station stops).

We hope you enjoy and learn from the road trip analogy.




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