Extreme Gratitude

Matt shares extreme gratitude for his team, family, church, and more and invites you to do the same for you life.

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Extreme Gratitude

Matt goes through and thanks many of the people that have helped bring him and Barbell Logic to the point it is today.

Having just submitted the book to Forbes, about to go on vacation, and halfway through the year, Matt takes time to thank the people who matter to him.

He recommends doing this if you have not. We want to appreciate the pursuit, not the outcome, and taking time to be thankful is a great way to enjoy the pursuit.

Opportunities have arisen that, whether you call it luck, fortune, fate, or grace, you did not deserve in any real way. You found friends and colleagues, co-workers and jobs that you did not expect but mattered.

Take time to be grateful. Have extreme gratitude.




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