Demand for highly skilled professional barbell coaches has never been higher than it is RIGHT NOW.

With the rapid growth of Barbell Logic Online Coaching, the exposure of Barbell Logic content to an ever-expanding audience, and the general rise in the number of people interested in training to increase strength and overall health, there has never been a better time to be a professional barbell coach. Opportunity abounds, and many of our Barbell Logic coaches are opening gyms, expanding their in-person and online clientele, and leaving behind successful and prestigious careers in other fields to follow their passion and coach full time. But because the process of becoming an expert coach is so rigorous and time-consuming, the task of adding new coaches continues to move forward slowly.

Enter the Barbell Logic Coaching Academy, where a successful candidate will enter the program as a student, be invited to intern, and leave the program as a professional coach with a job offer to work for BLOC.

The Coaching Academy will consist of two tiers and an in-person coaching camp.

Online Education Program

Students in the Education Program are placed in groups of 6 students, with one Barbell Logic Coaching Academy Staff Coach. The program follows a detailed Education Program Curriculum and Lesson Plan. The duration of the program is 6 months, and cost for the program is $179 per month, with a 6-month commitment. Students must keep pace with their group once the program begins, and will not be allowed to switch to a different group unless there are special extenuating circumstances.

  • 6:1 Student to Staff Coach ratio
  • $179 per month, 6 month commitment
  • Weekly assignments sent out via email from Google Classroom
  • Weekly conference video calls with your Staff Coach to discuss the weekly assignment
  • Exclusive Coaching Academy Slack Page
  • Extensive Curriculum
  • Weekly reading and coaching assignments, and periodic writing assignments

The program consists of weekly academic assignments and coaching tasks. Academic topics are broken into five modules:

  1. Coaching Theory
  2. Physiology, Anatomy, and Mechanics
  3. Practical Coaching
  4. Programming
  5. Professional and Business Considerations

At the beginning of each week students receive assignments via a Coaching Academy Google Classroom Page. The assignments consist of articles and videos on the weekly subject matter. Students are asked to answer a few short questions or give their general impression of the subject matter in their team channel on the Coaching Academy Slack. The group’s Staff Coach holds a weekly video conference call to discuss the weekly topic. Conference calls are recorded and posted so that students not able to attend can review later.

The students are also assigned weekly coaching tasks such as visualization exercises, video breakdown to identify setup or movement errors for the lifts, and identifying differences in anthropometry. Coaching assignments are be given to the students in a set progression with each assignment focusing on improving a specific aspect of coaching skill or knowledge. Each assignment builds upon the previous ones and integrate information from the curriculum assignments as well. The coaching assignments are discussed weekly in conjunction with the academic assignment, as per the Curriculum and Lesson Plan. Students are also required to periodically film themselves teaching and coaching the lifts and submit those videos for review and discussion on Slack and during the group conference calls.

A longer writing assignment is required of the students at the end of each academic module and also near the completion of the Education Program to allow for the student to display what they have learned during the program. The Staff Coach provides written and/or verbal feedback on these assignments.

At the conclusion of the final week of the program, the Staff Coach and Program Director provide written feedback to each student detailing their coaching strengths and weaknesses and a list of items that they need to work on to improve as a coach. The Staff Coach for the graduating group also nominates any outstanding performers from the group to move on to the Intern Program as an BLOC Intern, and the nominees are discussed by all of the Staff Coaches and the BLOC leadership team to make a final ruling.




Groups 1-32FULL --
Groups 339/16Tuesdays 7:00 PM CST
Groups 349/16Sundays 2:30 PM CST
Groups 359/9Saturdays 8:00 AM CST

Reserve Your Spot

Didn’t make it into the group you wanted, or looking for a group with conference calls on a different day and time to accommodate your schedule? Sign-up now to reserve your spot in an upcoming group with the time slot that works best for you.

Online Master Classes

The Online Master Classes are designed to take a detailed look at various specific coaching topics. The Master Classes are a great supplement to our Online Education Program, and will foster a deeper understanding of many of the complex topics that are introduced therein. The Master Classes can also serve as a stand-alone deep dive into a given topic for the interested student, without completing the Education Program beforehand. You can read the detailed course descriptions by clicking on the links below. The course descriptions will indicate the level of the material covered, and whether the Education Program is recommended as a prerequisite. If you have questions on whether a Master Class is right for you, you can email Coaching Academy Program Director Bill Hannon at for guidance.

Available Classes

Coaching and the Scientific Literature

Learn how to critically read, evaluate, and interpret the scientific literature with SSCA Science Committee Member CJ Gotcher. Peer-reviewed literature, and the press surrounding new research can be a key source of new ideas, inspiration, and correction to our field, but they can’t be taken at face value. CJ will walk you through best practices for reading and interpreting both the literature and news and blog articles and cover common errors in study design, methods, and statistics. By the end of the course you should feel confident in sifting through the chaff for valuable insights and helping your lifters navigate the wilds of sensationalist click-bait reporting on ‘hot’ research in exercise science and nutrition.The course is open to anyone who wants to improve their critical eye. No prerequisites needed.

HLM Programming: Concepts and Practical Applications

Learn all the ins and outs of the most versatile of all the Intermediate training programs – Heavy/Light/Medium. This course will teach you how to utilize HLM across a wide variety of client goals and schedules, and achieve steady, long-term progress. Explore how to apply MED principles to detailed HLM progressions and take your clients from Advanced Novice and the way through Intermediate and beyond with simple, intuitive changes – all while getting them massively strong!

Coaching Academy Intern Program Details

The second tier of the Coaching Academy is an internship position with BLOC, working under a senior BLOC Staff Coach. The Intern Program is by invitation only, taking only the most promising coaching candidates from the Education Program.

  • Interns receive a small monthly monetary stipend, and also receive discounted coaching from BLOC coaches if they desire.
  • Interns are placed in groups of 5 interns per 1 Staff Coach.
  • Each intern group is responsible for coaching and programming for a group of clients from the BLOC Club Coaching option. The Club option is $99/mo for each client and spots are very limited. Each group of 5 interns with a single Staff Coach will coach 50 clients. (Maximum client to intern ratio of 10:1, and intern to staff coach ratio of 5:1)
  • Interns in the program groups are assigned 10 clients each month on a rotating basis to provide the interns exposure to different clients. The clients are coached and programmed per the standards outlined in the BLOC Systems Manual + Coaching Responsibilities and Expectations document.
  • Staff Coaches and the Coaching Academy Program Director monitor all intern coaching activity.
  • Each intern reports to their Staff Coach weekly and gives a short summary of what technique errors they have been working on with each client and an explanation of the programming they’ve assigned for the following week. The Staff Coach and Program Director. monitor programming for the clients and also help guide the interns with feedback on their technical coaching and programming choices.
  • Interns are encouraged to share any thoughts and questions about coaching their clients with their peers, the Staff Coaches, and the Program Director on the BLOC Slack page.

Intern Program Curriculum

Interns are given periodic coaching and writing assignments to increase their coaching knowledge and skill. Interns will also be tasked with frequently submitting videos of themselves coaching in-person clients – to be reviewed by the Staff Coaches, the Program Director, and their intern peers.

BLOC Employment

Interns that go on to obtain a professional barbell coaching certification are offered a position as an BLOC Staff Coach and will begin receiving their own clients immediately.

Coaching Academy – Coaches’ Camp

The Coaching Academy Coaches’ Camp is an optional in-person weekend seminar for students looking to improve their in-person and overall coaching performance. Coaches’ Camps are scheduled to coincide with the completion of the Education Program terms, but the camps are open to anyone.

The focus of the Coaches’ Camp is the evaluation and improvement of the student’s performance on the platform. Lectures focus on practical coaching topics, and the student receives ample opportunity to coach various lifters and receive real-time feedback from Coaching Academy Staff Coaches. The Coaches’ Camp is concluded with an exit interview for each camp attendee and a question and answer session with the staff, providing direct feedback for the attendee on what they need to improve and how they need to go about it.


  • 6:1 MAX student to coach ratio
  • Cost $599
  • Real-time feedback on your platform coaching
  • Practical coaching lectures on how to study and improve as a platform coach
  • Individual exit interview with the Coaching Academy Staff Coaches

Upcoming Camps

Stay tuned, new camps are coming soon.

Interested in requesting a camp in your area? Email Program Director Bill Hannon at to let us know.


If you have any questions about the Coaching Academy Education and Internship Program you can email Program Director Bill Hannon at

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