When to Embrace Urgency

Learn when to embrace urgency. Typically, you want to undo urgency, but, on occasion, embrace the galvanizing energy of urgency.

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When to Embrace Urgency: The Occasional, Short-Term Galvanizing Power of Urgency

Woah, I thought we were about Undoing Urgency!?

Well, typically, yes. This is one of those rules that serves you well most of the time. You want to avoid useless or counterproductive urgency. If you fail to get out of the knife fight of the urgent, you cannot take care of the artillery battle of the important.

Let’s discuss some examples of when embracing urgency makes sense.

  • impending lawsuit requires drastic changes and rebranding
  • not able to pay the bills and overhaul of business or family expenses needed

As you can see, these examples are both urgent and important. They both really come with the real prospect of impending failure.

These times are crucibles. Do you live or thrive or die?

Lean in and embrace the galvanizing power of the urgent.

These times periods, however, burn people out. They must be short and infrequent.

They can totally transform, however, relationships and organizations. These periods often come with nostalgia as we look back on them.

Learn when to embrace urgency.




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