When Important Becomes Urgent

When important becomes urgent, clear your plate, and address the important (because, by definition, it’s important).

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When Important Becomes Urgent: Faith, Family, Fitness

Those things that are important but not urgent, such as family, health, and religion, can become urgent when unattended to (or minimally attended to) long enough.

You find yourself bickering with your spouse or family more than normal, clothes unable to fit and feeling physically and mentally worse, and falling short of the standard your faith holds you to.

Now, your family, your fitness, and your faith are urgent (and, of course, still important).

It is time to clear your schedule, pull the weeds, and take care of what is most important. Life is signaling to you that you need to spend more time and effort on these things.

This might be scheduling a vacation. It could be a spiritual retreat. Maybe you clear off a time to train every day and start every single day (today) training.




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