How to Write a Book with Nick Soleyn

Learn how to write a book: tips and tricks, developing ideas, motivation, pitfalls, and more. Matt talks to Nick Soleyn, coach and Editor-in-Chief at Barbell Logic.

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How to Write a Book: Tips & Tricks for the Process

Matt has been writing a book for Forbes with Nick as the editor. This process has worked especially well, as it has allowed Matt to do what he does best: verbally process ideas and tell stories.

Nick has been able to use his strength, of writing and editing to ensure not just correctness of grammar, syntax, and language but clarity of thought.

As a lawyer, he is good at identifying issues, organizing thoughts, and finding gaps in thoughts.

Matt and Nick worked on an ugly but extremely functional outline. It is not pretty, but it has enough detail to actually help describe what will be written.

Matt then records what he wants a chapter to be verbally. He might also share some old podcasts that also describe the issue.

Nick was able to get the transcript from the audio using this service. AI has made transcriptions inexpensive, quick, and easy.

How to Write a Book: Developing an Idea

Not everyone should write a book, but likely some people who should never do.

Matt had burning ideas that he had been developing for years and decades, and the opportunity arose and he seized it.

Before this, remember, he had been writing articles, recording podcasts, and discussing things on YouTube for years if not decades.

Start getting your idea out there. Talk about it, write about it, share it with people. Get feedback. Don’t expect to go from idea to book.

Some ideas should just be a podcast or article. Some ideas are books.

Similar to how Matt would recommend starting a business, don’t go from nothing to book, but start organically developing the idea. You may eventually publish or self-publish a book.

Nick recommends this needing to be important to you and your values divorced from its success. You have to want to get this idea out there and see the benefit in developing the idea.

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