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How To Deadlift: Perfect Form Every Time with 5 Easy Steps

Are you deadlifting properly? This step by step tutorial shows you the best setup to improve your form & technique EVERY TIME with 5 easy steps.

About the Deadlift

The deadlift involves picking up a heavy weight from the ground. It directly trains the spinal erectors, and involves the entire posterior chain as well as upper body muscles including the deltoids, trapezius and biceps muscles. It builds a strong back better than any other barbell exercise.

Back strength is important for overall back health – a strong back is a less vulnerable back to injury. If you learn to deadlift correctly, you may have less potential for back injury while performing the movement and in life.

You may have heard the deadlift described as “a measure of brute strength.” If you yank on the barbell hard enough, it’ll come off the ground, right? Not quite. Just like the squat and the press, there is a proper way to execute the deadlift. Keep reading to learn five steps to a perfect deadlift.

Because the deadlift starts from a dead stop in the bottom position–you don’t have a lowering or eccentric portion that comes before the concentric or ascent–the correct setup puts you in the proper position to deadlift properly.

Step 1

Walk up to the barbell until your shins are just one inch away – this will place the barbell directly over your midfoot, which is the balance point for all barbell exercises. Your heels should be 6-8 inches apart, a more narrow stance than your squat.

Step 2

Lean over with stiff legs, and take a grip that places your elbows just outside your knees. Be careful not to move or roll the bar from your midfoot.

Step 3

Bring your shins forward to touch the barbell – again without moving or rolling it away from your midfoot. Freeze your hips in place – they are not allowed to move from here.

Step 4

Squeeze your chest up to tighten all the muscles of your back. Don’t drop your hips while you squeeze your chest up. This crucial step sets your lumbar spine in normal anatomical extension.

Step 5

Drag the barbell up your legs while maintaining lumbar extension.

Watch the video to see a simple demonstration of the five steps!


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