Coach Spotlight: Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy

Preparing to come in like a Wrecking Ball at USSF nationals, Coach Anna Marie talks about strength, food, and kids. "Keep putting in the work. If your goals don't fall down quickly, they WILL be achieved if you keep working towards them."

Coach Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy 

What do your parents or spouse call you when you are in trouble?

Anna Marie!!!

Do you have any embarrassing nicknames? What are they?

Neek, Ammo, Annamariskibooskiboo

What actor or actress would you like to play you in a movie?

Rachel McAdams

How long have you been coaching?

4.5 years

Have you had other careers, or currently work in another field? What are they?

Certified Midwife Assistant. Doula. 

If you could time travel back to when you first started coaching, what advice would you give yourself?

Keep putting in the work. You will get there. STOP trying to “Tone.”

What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not working or training?

Swim, travel, cook, read, sing

What is your favorite lift?

Bench Press

Where do you live?


What is your favorite animal print?


Gym cat, dog or something else?


How long have you been training?

5.5 years

What is the most embarrassing moment from any dark days of “lifting” that you may have had?

Wearing a sweat belt to “spot reduce”….

What do you love about training? 

What it does for my mental strength and how much it carries over to every aspect of my life.

What do you love about coaching? 

Helping others realize what Strength does for them and their lives

What lifting achievement are you most proud of?

My 306lb squat on 8/2

Would you rather magically increase each of your PRs by 20%, or magically increase one of your lifts by 100%?

Magically increase each of my PRs by 20%.

Would you rather not have to eat food and have your ideal body composition, or get to eat 6,000 calories per day and have your ideal body composition?

Get to eat 6,000 calories per day and have my ideal body composition.

How many lifting-related shirts do you own? 


What or who gets you to train when your motivation is really low?

Myself. No one else pushes me like I do.

Pre-workout of choice

Jelly Bellys 

What are some of your go-to lifting songs?

Gangsta Paradise, Dream On, anything by Social Distortion, Right above it by Lil’ Wayne.

What is the most embarrassing song you like?

Wrecking Ball. I managed to time a jump onto the rings at my old training space with the chorus PERFECTLY. I couldn’t repeat it again, I’ve tried 

What are some of your lifting-related goals for this year? 

Deadlift 375, Bench 205, squat 315

Do you plan on competing in a meet this year? If so, what are your goals?

USSF Nationals!

What have you learned about yourself from barbell training?

That I am stronger than I thought, and I can survive almost anything. 

Who is someone you’d love to try barbell training and why?

Jordy Nelson. I’m a big Green Bay Packers fan! He was a FANTASTIC WR.

Do you have a role model? Who is it and why?

My siblings. All of them have different hardships and they inspire me by being positive through all of it.

Dead or alive, who would you love to lift with?

Abraham Lincoln (he was so TALL) or my dad who passed when I was 7 mos old.

If BLOC made a yearbook, which do you think you’d most likely win?

Most likely to be displayed in a museum of interesting anthropometry

How much do you love to eat? 1 – It’s a chore … 5 – What are we eating next???

  1. I love all the food holidays!

What’s your favorite meal? Please use as much detail as possible.

A big, juicy, fatty Ribeye with Creamy Mashed Potatoes covered in brown gravy. Brussels with bacon and a BIG glass of Big House Zinfandel. Dessert would be cool, creamy Lemon Creme Brulee with a dollop of whipped cream.

What was your favorite childhood TV show?

Quantum Leap!

What is a movie that you have watched over and over and over again?

Strictly Ballroom and Juno

What advice do you have for a new lifter? Or a lifter who’s been doing this a while? 

Keep putting in the work. If your goals don’t fall down quickly, they WILL be achieved if you keep working towards them.

Anything else you would like to share with your BLOC brethren and sistren?  

I only have 5 children…. Not 15



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