Introduction to Undoing Urgency

Matt reads the introduction to Undoing Urgency, his book that is available for pre-sale on Amazon in August 2024.

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Introduction to Undoing Urgency

Ryan Matt Reynolds reads the introduction to his forthcoming book Undoing Urgency, which will be available for pre-sale on Amazon in August 2024. Forbes is publishing this book.

Nick Soleyn, Barbell Logic’s editor-in-chief, has been critical to the writing and editing of this book, making Matt’s ideas and thoughts more clear and beautiful on the written page.

Undoing Urgency is, like the title suggests, about getting out from under the tyranny of urgent tasks so you can accomplish what is truly important to you.

Because many of the most important aspects of our life are important but not urgent, pressure will never exist to complete these tasks (unless we fail at them so bad that they too become urgent, e.g. a failing marriage or bad relationship with our children).

No matter what your goals or values, this book lays out an approach and practical tips to pulling the weeds out of your to do list.

The book is not simply theoretical, though. Matt shares some of his insights learned the hard way from his biggest failures and hardest hurdles.

Enjoy the introduction to Undoing Urgency.




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