The Flywheel Not the Funnel

Conceptualize marketing and acquiring clients as the flywheel not the funnel. This analogy has some benefits over the more traditional funnel concept.

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The Flywheel Not the Funnel for Marketing Success

Matt discusses two different analogies when it comes to marketing and acquiring clients.

The traditional paradigm is the funnel. This idea is not wrong, but fails to emphasize certain aspects of successful marketing. Generally, you create a funnel to capture as many leads as you can, they build trust over time with you and eventually become clients.

The flywheel emphasizes certain aspects that this fails to capture.

It takes awhile to get a flywheel going. Once it is going, however, it is much easier to maintain the movement.

This highlights the need to continue to feed the flywheel. It points to the benefits of consistency and content over time.

The Flywheel Not the Funnel: Consistency & Content are King

Consistently create high value content and put it out. 90-95% of it should simply bring value to your clients. Your CTAs should generally be ways to provide more value to your clients. Some examples are below:

  • subscribe to our weekly newsletter
  • subscribe or follow a social media account
  • get a free eBook by providing an email

This not only solidifies the growing trust but helps these leads receive more content from you if they have decided they want to receive more content from you automatically.

You put content out through output media (your own website or newsletter), rent media (on other platforms such as social media sites), and earned media (appearances on others’ channels).

As you become more successful, and as the flywheel builds momentum, a couple things happen.

First, your clients become promoters, helping bringing you more clients.

Second, you should be invited to do more earned media, such as Matt’s recent appearance on Dave Tate’s Table Talk podcast.

Apply the flywheel not the funnel to your marketing concept by starting with people you have already provided value for and built trust with and expand from there.




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