With a name like Hammer, you have to be strong!  Professional Barbell Coach, Nick Hammer, is a certified strength nut with an unencumbered passion for helping others realize the strongest version of themselves.

Coach Hammer has been obsessed with strength training since the early 90’s when he first danced with a barbell.  He has strong ties to USA Powerlifting as a certified coach, referee, and meet director, as well as the North Carolina state chair.  Nick is still an active powerlifting competitor with more than 25 years in the sport.  He has competed in nearly 50 meets across multiple organizations, weight classes, and divisions while achieving state, national, and world titles. 

Additionally, Coach Hammer has been actively training clients of all ages since 2012 with a dedicated focus to online coaching since 2018.  He has experience with high school football teams, small groups, couples, and individuals ranging in age from 13 to 72.  He may not turn you into a powerlifter but he will help you achieve your greatest level of performance in strength training.

Outside of coaching, strength training, and powerlifting, Nick enjoys spending time with his family on trips and experiences.  He and his wife have been married for over 20 years and have 4 beautiful children. His goal is to see the world with his family for the rest of his life.  Strength and family are his pillars.

Finally, Coach Hammer fully embraces a growth mindset.  He values every minute of the day and is always learning.  “The only thing ‘fixed’ about life is that it will end.  Focus on growth and enjoy the experiences along the way.”


In-person coaching:
Holly Springs, NC

$235/month, contract-free


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