Nick Hammer is a strength enthusiast with an unencumbered passion for helping others on a path to realizing the strongest version of themselves.

Nick is a barbell strength training coach with strong ties to USA Powerlifting as a certified coach, referee, meet director, and North Carolina state chair. He has have been obsessed with strength training all his life with an affinity for multiple activities, however, powerlifting has been his favorite sport since the early 90’s. To date, Nick has competed at nearly 50 meets in five organizations (raw and equipped) and multiple weight classes, achieving state, national, and world titles.

Nick owns a small Anytime Fitness in Holly Springs, NC that he h been training and coaching out of since 2012. Online coaching has been part of his service offering since 2018.

Most importantly, Nick is a family man and the proud father of four children. He has been married to his wife, Erin, for 20 years.

“We met in middle school and she finally warmed up to me in our senior year of high school,” says Nick. “Strength is my passion but my family is my love.”

In-person coaching:
Holly Springs, NC

$0 Now, then $225/month


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