Having a full and busy life is a blessing, and it’s made even better by the pursuit of physical strength. The demands of life may pile up, but Jeremiah supports his clients with an adaptable approach, leading them to strength that fits within their work and lifestyle. Jeremiah also has extensive experience with clients who have a history of chronic pain and/or injuries. These obstacles are surmountable and don’t condemn you to feeling weak. From young athletes to clients in their golden years, Jeremiah’s experience and collaborative skills will take you to the next level.

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    • Highly responsive and collaborative coaching with the goal of building relationships, fostering a love of training, and maximizing results.

    • Provides a broad range of programming styles to support novice and post-novice lifters in meeting their goals sustainably.

    • Accomplished teaching professional, offering an in-depth working knowledge of Health & Fitness, Nutrition, and Exercise Science.

Jeremiah helps others reach their true potential by becoming autonomous, competent, and connected using fitness and lifestyle as a tool. He believes this should be accomplished within the ethical standards and guidelines in our field, and continually seeks growth using continuing education opportunities, collaborative feedback from colleagues and clientele, and physical challenge to provide the best standard of care for those under his supervision while leading by example.



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