Colin will coach you to move better, get stronger, and become more resilient for your life’s purpose. He loves exploring the complexity of human movement with his clients while maintaining the principles of: simple, hard, and effective. As long as he has your willingness, progress will not evade you.

Learn More About Colin

  • Colin governs his life by the three F’s: Faith, Family, and Fitness. Failure is not one.

  • Some men tinker with cars in their garage, Colin tinkers with exploring human movement in his garage GYM.

  • Joy is derived from seeing his children overcome adversity and his children witnessing him overcome adversity.

  • He is currently training for unassisted nordic curls, deep pistol squats, and mace wielding.

  • Outside of fitness, Colin’s hobbies involve: being still in nature, slowly expanding his garage gym without his wife knowing, cold-plunging, Black Tie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and book discussion groups.

Colin is based in Michigan and has gone from a gimmicky personal trainer (think: Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading) to an effective strength coach. He was overweight and unathletic in his adolescence, but learned through hard work and resolve, that he would not be bound to that. This led him toward transforming not only his physique, but his mind, athleticism, and spirituality.

He received a dual Masters degree in Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation from Southern Illinois University. His graduate research analyzed the benefits of exercising outdoors versus inside enclosed spaces. He has been coaching for over 15 years, and has worked with children as young as 12 and masters athletes of 70+ years. No injury intimidates him as long as a doctor has given approval for training.

Colin is now led by a deep conviction for witnessing individuals overcome challenges through proven principles Through problem-solving and emotional connection (humor), he proves to his clients that they can attain the strength and mobility of the gods. (Maybe.)



$235/month, contract-free


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