Transition to TurnKey Coach with Anthony Diehl

The transition to TurnKey Coach means better efficiency for more time, so you can get more clients or spend more time doing other things besides coaching. Learn about this very recent experience from Anthony Diehl.

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Transition to TurnKey Coach: In-Person to Online

Anthony Diehl is a highly successful coach, who provides both strength & conditioning coaching as well as nutrition coaching for clients.

As with most coaches, he began fully in-person and began to experiment with online coaching. Online coaching, however, comes with many frustrations and inefficiencies if done poorly.

2020 and the Covid lockdowns, however, forced him to take all his coaching online.

He developed systems and improved his efficiencies, but still realized a limit of about 90 clients that he could not go beyond.

Transition to TurnKey Coach: Software Transition

Anthony recently transitioned to TKC. Despite the big change, and the fear and resistance change brings, he hammered out his programming and accomplished the transfer in two days.

Initially, for both him and his clients, it was a little weird to relearn the process, but the App itself is extremely intuitive and very quickly he was saving two hours of work a day.

Two hours of work a day, gone!

Transition to TurnKey Coach: More Time, More Clients, More Money

What could you do with two more hours a day? Well, now Anthony plans to take on more clients, which means more money. As Matt and Anthony discuss, he could also consider taking on more clients under his name and hire some coaches.

Of course, if he were fine with his current income, he could have pursued a different side hustle or spent more time with him family.

The point is, TKC frees you up to do more that is important to you. This could be acquiring more clients, working on your business, working on a different business, working on your hobbies, or doing something else that is important to you.

Learn about the transition to TurnKey Coach from someone who went through it recently.




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