By: Jordan Stanton, USSF President, RN, SSC

Over 65 competitors submitted their best squat, press, and deadlift between December 15th and December 31st in order to compete for top-notch prizes, bragging rights, or simply because it was a lot of fun.

The USSF/BLOC Online Strengthlifting Exhibition

The Barbell Logic Strengthlifting exhibition has come to a conclusion and the victors have been decided. And what an event it was thanks to everyone that participated! Let’s take a closer look and break it down.

Over 65 competitors submitted their best squat, press, and deadlift between December 15th and December 31st in order to compete for top notch prizes, bragging rights, or simply because it was a lot of fun.

There were 292 total submitted attempts. 258 (88.4%) attempts were good lifts, and 34 attempts were no good. This is a very good percentage, especially considering this was many peoples first competition. The most common squat error was depth. The most common press error was downward motion following the initiation of upward motion. The most common deadlift error was incomplete extension of the hips and knees to lockout the lift.

The majority of these lifts were evaluated by yours truly, Jordan Stanton the president of the USSF. Questionable lifts were sent to a panel of judges comprised of Andrew Jackson, Anna-Marie Oakes-Joudy, Ness Oszast, and Brooke Haubenstricker. Thank you panel for an excellent job!

While every single lifter put forth a courageous effort, a few rose to top of the ranks and we celebrate their accomplishment here.

Female Lightweight Competitors:

Shamisa Zvoma of coach Wolf with a total of 707.5lbs.

  1. Aimee booth of coach Rudnitsky with a total of 543lbs
  2. Erin Perry of coach Cygan with a total of 542.5lbs (.5lbs under! What a competition ladies)

Female Heavyweight Competitors:

  1. Charese Bova of coach Cygan with a total of 918lbs
  2. Malgorzata Kot of coach Bryant with a total of 742lbs
  3. Brittany Snyder of coach Reynolds with a total of 647.5lbs

Female Masters Lightweight Competitors:

  1. Dena Buchanan of coach Luke with a total of 506lbs

We had no Female Master Heavyweight Competitors. *someone missed out on some easy prizes.

Open Lightweight Competitors

  1. Shahab Fardhal of coach Stanton with a total of 1185lbs.
  2. Erik Steigner of coach C. Hambrick with a total of 920lbs.
  3. Miles Wix of coach Gotcher with a total of 910lbs.

Open Heavyweight Competitors

  1. John Fuston of coach Youmans with total of 1380lbs
  2. Eric Dahl of coach Krieg with a total 1340lbs
  3. John Floeder of coach Reynolds with a total of 1325lbs

Open Masters Lightweight Competitors

  1. Matthew Hank of coach Milstein with a total of 970lbs

Open Masters Heavyweight Competitors

  1. Avram Brown of coach Stanton with a total of 1445lbs (Largest total of the competition)

Female Heavyweight Coach

  1. Niki Sims with a total of 780

Open Lightweight Coach

  1. Robert Santana with a total of 1061

Open heavyweight Coach

  1. Jordan Stanton with a total of 1422.5

Click the image below to see all of their lifts:

Most Epic Lift

The most epic lift of the competition was given to Rick McCann of coach Hannon with a 245 squat, featured on our last Friday Fahve. If you have yet to see it, check it out now.

After this epic grinder of a squat, in which he goes a too deep, he makes the necessary correction, adds 15lbs and goes for another.


This man must be possessed to make another attempt after that first one.

I also needed to share our runner up for the most Epic Lift:

Rebecca Soleyn with a 115lb press:

The biggest lifts by weight are listed below:


Squat: Charese Bova, 350lbs

Press: Charese Bova, 150lbs

Deadlift: Charese Bova, 418lbs

(click below to see all three of Charese’s amazing lifts)


Squat: Jordan Stanton, 585lbs

Press: Eric Dahl, 285lbs

Deadlift: John Fuston, 630lbs

Of course, we couldn’t do all of this without our coaches and teams! Team Wolf had the greatest number of 1st place finishes. Team Carter had the greatest number of placings. Coach Stanton had the highest number of 1st place finishes, Coach Reynolds had the highest number of placings. Coach Stanton and Coach Reynolds tied for the number of total competitors.

Prizes are making their way towards competitors now and slack channel icons are already available. In the next few weeks look for certificates to be digitally distributed detailing each competitors’ accomplishments.

Photo Credit: Matthew Moore, BLOC Intern and woodworker extraordinaire. Matthew handmade these mallets for the winners of the USSF/BLOC Online Meet.

We learned so much during this process: The online submission process and judging procedure was relatively simple. Feedback for each lift was timely. And everyone seemed to enjoy the community aspect as videos were posted in the slack channel. We know we can do better though. Better communication of how and when to submit attempts. More comprehensive data tracking. Better communication to lifters when a lift was unsuccessful. We are already hard at work discussing improvements so that when we run this again it will be even better.

Once again, thank you so much to the coaches, judges, and most importantly the competitors. Congratulation to our winners. And we look forward to seeing you on the virtual stage for next time!

USSF President Jordan Stanton acquired the organization in September 2018 to bring the sport of Strengthlifting to more competitive lifters around the world. As a competitor and administrator in both powerlifting and Strengthlifting events, Jordan is determined to make the USSF the most fair and accessible organization in the sport, and deliver events all around the country that are both exciting to watch and meaningful to compete in.
Outside of the USSF Jordan spends his time helping others get strong as the owner of Stanton Strength in Portland, Oregon and as a Barbell Logic Online Coach.


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