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To help you in your journey to become a better coach, here is The Core Principles of Coach Development ebook. It provides an educational framework for the study and practice of coaching necessary to build confidence, gain knowledge, and develop your coaching skills.

Your journey to becoming a Professional Barbell Coach starts here.

The Barbell Logic Coaching Development program will deepen your understanding of the barbell lifts. Whether you simply want to be a more informed lifter or you are pursuing strength coaching as a career, our online educational programs and in-person coaching camps are setting the standard for professional strength coaching development. The curricula are comprehensive, requiring no prior experience and take a deep dive into all aspects of coaching from which even seasoned coaches will benefit. We make it easy to get started and take your coaching to the next level! Whether you’re not sure where to start or want to take your coaching to the next level, we have options below for you.


Six-month curriculum designed to produce excellent strength coaches. Work with a mentor coach and connect to a community of coaches focused on becoming better at their craft.


Three-day in-person coaching development camp with real-time feedback and PBC testing. Attendees will be evaluated on both platform and academic coaching ability.


Qualified individuals may apply to be selected for highly competitive coaching and employment opportunities with Barbell Logic.


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