Wade has been the overweight, weak, and insecure guy. He knows what it feels like, and he is here to help anyone that wants to make the change.

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    • Wade believes training should be enjoyable as well as challenging.

    • Need the heaviest lifting tunes? He’s got ’em.

    • He has started from the lowest of lows, and proven it’s possible to lose the weight and get strong.

    • He has experience with lifting and coaching around injuries and physical limitations.

    • He has coached all age ranges from teenagers to great-grandparents!

Wade grew up as a very overweight kid and young adult. It wasn’t until his mid-20s that he discovered and fell in love with strength training following a traumatic leg injury. Through the magic of Youtube, he found the Barbell Logic Podcast. After about 18 months of coaching himself using what he learned from BLOC’s videos and podcasts, he got stronger and more confident and lost over 100 lb. in the process, but he still needed some professional guidance. Wade became a paying Barbell Logic client and joined the Barbell Academy so that he could teach others what he had discovered, the refining power of voluntary hardship. As a BLOC client, all the missing technique and programming pieces were put into place, and he reached his goal of hitting a 500 lb deadlift, 400 lb squat, 300 lb bench, and 200 lb press, all while maintaining a healthy weight. As an Academy student, he earned a personal training certification and began working at his local gym in Panama City, FL refining his coaching eye and skills working with the general population.

Now a graduate of the Barbell Academy, and a full-time coach at Stronger Now Gym in Atlanta, GA, Wade works alongside BLOC coach Alex Mitchell coaching primarily seniors and people with various disabilities. The thing that Wade believes to be more true every time a new client is transformed is that it doesn’t matter when you start or where you start from; it only matters that you decide to start.

Wade has been a musician since diapers and attended Chipola College as a music major. When he’s not in the gym, you can probably find him with his fiancé on a hike through the woods, at a metal show downtown, or on his motorcycle trying to find the best sushi restaurant in Atlanta.

In-person coaching:

Stronger Now Gym
214 Johnson Ferry Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30328



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