Alex Mitchell

BLOC Intern

Alex Mitchell grew up unathletic, frail and weak. As with many bright kids, he found many creative ways to shunt the need for physical engagement up till his 23rd year when he finally was forced to become physical due to the gain of unwanted body fat. After fooling around with CrossFit, bro-splits, and everything else that didn’t work, Alex found himself at a paltry 130lbs at 6 feet tall struggling with weights that other gym-goers wouldn’t bother to warm up with.

After finding Starting Strength, Alex gained 60 lbs of lean body mass over the course of 18 months. In taking his squat from 135x3x5 to 300x3x5 and beyond, Alex fell in love with the multidisciplinary nature of barbell coaching and the science of loaded human movement. He quit his soul-draining job in commercial real estate and began a completely new career.

Alex now coaches the Starting Strength method at Crunch Fitness in Chamblee, Georgia, specializing in masters clients and extremely weak novices. As someone who experienced weakness and frailty firsthand, Alex is a zealous champion of strength training through the Starting Strength method. He is diligently pursuing an SSC credential and has committed to have it at any cost by the end of 2019.


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