Stop mindless snacking

For the remaining 8 days, we’re only going to eat at mealtime and a designated snack time. No sneaky little bites here and there. No sitting in front of the TV and munching. No refrigerator or cupboard drive-bys before dinner. The maximum allowance of “mindless” munching is zero.



Gillian Ward
Barbell Logic Director of Nutrition

All calories add up, even the ones you don’t recall eating! Do you finish the last chicken nugget on your kid’s plate? Do you grab a few extra bites of the mac and cheese casserole while you are packaging the leftovers? Do you open the fridge or pantry to look for a snack and not even realize how or why you ended up there? Do you feel like you need to eat if you are doing certain activities like watching a movie or hanging out with a friend?

For the purpose of this challenge, continue to eat your regular meals and allow yourself up to two designated snack times per day where you make thoughtful choices ahead of time. If possible, make eating your snack the only activity that you are engaged in. Definitely put the phone down as distracted eating may lead to overindulging. Mentally process what is going in your mouth. A “snack” should have a predetermined quantity. For instance, a snack might be an apple plus two tablespoons of peanut butter.

Let’s put the past 3 days together here. When you have your snack(s), consume a glass of water with it, and challenge yourself to keep the added sugars in your snack as low as possible.

This will help you keep up Days 1 and 2:

  • Drink your water
  • Reduce added sugars

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