Get acquainted with our newest Starting Strength Coach, Marie Kunkel! Marie was a long-time intern with BLOC and has been working with SSC Nick Racculia at Iron City Athletic Club. Now she is a certified Starting Strength Coach!

What is your background and when did you become a Starting Strength Coach?

I attended school for Communications (PR, Advertising), and become a SSC in 2018.


What made you decide to become a coach?

This was something that I loved so much and the one thing I could actually commit to that I just fell into a coaching role while working with Dr. Racculia.


Tell us a little about the process of becoming a Starting Strength Coach. What was the hardest part? 

Everything about it is the hardest part. But no matter how well prepared you are for the platform evaluation, there will always be one variable you can’t control. And that is who you will be assigned on the platform. You have to be prepared for anything.


Tell us about the gym and facility you coach out of. Where can people find you?

I’m currently looking for a new gym to coach out of! Any Pittsburgh clients who have suggestions let me know!

I coach online at BLOC and you can also find me on the Instagrams @mariekunkel.


What is your favorite lift and why? What’s your PR?

The press! When else do you feel stronger than when you’re shoving a lot of weight way above your head?! My PR is 116 lbs.



Marie squats 297lbs for a single at Wichita Falls Athletic Club


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