We caught up with the effervescent Darin Deaton, who somehow finds time to be a Starting Strength Coach, participate as SS Seminar Staff, own a gym, host a podcast… oh, and run a successful Physical Therapy practice.

“Strength is for service, not status” -Romans 15:1-2

What is your professional background and when did you become a Starting Strength Coach?

I’m a DPT with 28 years of practice experience. I have been in the health and fitness industry for 30 years. I have always had an interest in health and been a lifelong athlete so the interest in fitness was a natural progression.

How did you become interested in coaching people?

Education has always been a big part of my clinical practice. So, once I developed a love for barbell training, it was only natural to want to help and educate others.

Do you have a coaching specialty or work with a particular demographic?

I work with all trainees, but I specifically enjoy working with the 40+ community.

Tell us about the gym or facility you coach out of.

I have owned 3 gyms over the last 9 years, but I recently sold them all in 2017. I have just taken possession of a small 1200 sq/ft gym space in Keller Texas where I will have barbell training and conditioning in private and semi-private classes. Very small, boutique, high end training and service.

Where can people find you online?

You can reach me via email at info@40fit.com and ¬†ddeaton@barbell-logic.com. I’m on Instagram at @dldeaton and @40fitradio. 40fit Radio is a podcast I recently launched to talk about fitness and health specifically for the Masters population.


I also have a website for 40fit and we have a Facebook community called the 40fit Masters Community. So come join us!

Ok, what’s your go-to song when you’re getting pumped up for a heavy set?

Metallica – Enter Sandman, AC/DC – Back in Black


Thanks Coach D!


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