Bill Hannon joined us on the Barbell Logic podcast for an excellent discussion of training for both power and strength based on his experience as an indoor rower. He is a vital part of the Starting Strength community, working as Operations Manager and a Team Leader for BLOC and leading the Barbell Coaching Academy for coaches-in-training.


What is your professional background and when did you become a Starting Strength Coach?

I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2001 and worked for over a decade in the defense industry as a design engineer and project manager. I started coaching part time around 2013, quit my engineering job in the summer of 2014 and went full time as a coach, and went to a seminar and got my SSC certification in the fall of 2015.


Why did you become interested in coaching people?

I’ve also enjoyed coaching and teaching, and I’ve always wanted to own my own gym, so the switch from engineering to coaching just seemed right. I feel like I’ve been on vacation going on four years now, coaching is definitely my passion.


Do you have a coaching specialty or work with a particular demographic?

My gym is in a small community, so I just train general population for my in-person clients. Online I love working with clients that also want to be coaches. I love being about to teach and coach at the same time, and it’s always cool to find more like-minded people to geek-out with on the barbell stuff.


Tell us about the gym or facility you coach out of. Where can people find you online? 

My in-person coaching practice is pretty under the radar, as I do most of my coaching through BLOC now, but we do have a facebook page for the gym:


The name of the gym is Pro-Health Fitness and Nutrition, and it’s in Rensselaer, IN, which is about halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago. The gym is small, but we get some serious work done!  You can also find me on IG at @engineered_strength, and of course as a Staff Coach and Operations Manager at BLOC!


You’ve recently started the Barbell Coaching Academy on Facebook for aspiring coaches. What inspired that and what is your goal with the group?

Yeah, BCA is something that just started for fun to help some of the people that I knew were trying to pass the SSC cert, and it has quickly grown from there.  We’ve spent a lot of time breaking down the mental coaching process, and then developed a system and a tool box that coaches can use to move along the linear progression of coaching much faster than they would have on their own. We’ve hosted one camp for prospective coaches, and we have another in the works for late summer/early fall.  We’re also finishing up an online coaching/teaching program that went really well.  We’ve got some really cool plans for combining some of our BCA services with BLOC, so if you’re interested in becoming a coach, or just want to get better at coaching friends and family or evaluating your own lifts, definitely keep an eye out for more info on that soon!


What is your favorite lift and why? What is your PR for that lift?

I love doing power cleans, but they piss off my elbows to no end, so I guess it has to be deadlift. 600×1



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