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We caught up with SSC and Director of Digital Marketing at BLOC, Alexis Wolfer, to talk about her coaching practice.

What is your professional background and when did you become a Starting Strength Coach?

I graduated from Drexel University with a B.S. in business administration and a concentration in marketing. Prior to pursuing strength coaching, I worked full time for a digital marketing agency as a Search Engine Optimization Associate, where I helped clients improve their organic visibility on Google, develop content strategies and assess the competitive environment of their industry. I became a Starting Strength Coach after passing the platform evaluation in January 2018 and the written exam in March 2018.


Why did you become interested in coaching people?

After hiring a Starting Strength Coach for my own training, I quickly learned how valuable it was for my physical progress, self confidence and self love. I wanted to pass this on to others, especially other women.


Do you have a coaching specialty or work with a particular demographic?

I really enjoy working with moms & dads, the older demographic. Dare I say “favorite,” but she’s my favorite — my in-person client, Barb, is 80 years old and I feel so much joy when coaching her. Strength training has changed her life & improved her independence and confidence.


Tell us about the gym or facility you coach out of. Where can people find you online? 

I coach out of New York Fitness in Jackson, California (the greater Sacramento area). I love the Olympic weightlifting area that was recently added to the gym – it has nice Rogue barbells and plenty of bumper plates for deadlifts and fun things like power cleans. The best place to find me is on Instagram @wolferstrength, or by emailing me at


You recently joined BLOC as the head of digital marketing. What is your vision for the future of BLOC?

Yes, and I’m so excited about it! Ultimately, I want to help BLOC reach people outside of the already-existing Starting Strength community. My goal is to help shape our message and branding to be inclusive, because strength training has a positive influence on everyone it touches. BLOC offers an outstanding service within the fitness industry, but we need to stand out as those who care the most about getting people physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.


What is your favorite lift and why? What is your PR for that lift?

The Press – because it feels so strong to shove something heavy over your head and hold it up there with confidence. My current PR is 101lb – and yes, that 1lb matters.


What is your favorite quote about lifting, or life in general?

I think this quote by Frank A. Clark applies to lifting AND life: “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”



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