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The minimum age to become a client is 13 years old. Our clients range between 13-20 years old. If you would like to find out if your son or daughter is right for the program please, click here to schedule a Free Discovery Call with our Director of Youth Barbell Club, Dan Flanick.

Your Coach will design your first workout according to what he or she thinks is appropriate for you on Day 1. For some, it will include push ups, air squats and pull ups, for others it might be squats and bench presses. It all depends on where your coach decides is the right place for you to begin.

Yes! Our coaches will guide you to training safely and learning efficient techniques. Also, we have our Weight Room Safety Video that we require all YBC members to watch and embed in their regular training routines.

The impact Barbell Logic’s-Youth Barbell Club has on the lives of our clients extends beyond the walls of the weight room. It is an all-encompassing service that holds kids accountable to building healthy habits inside and outside of the gym which form the basis for their long-term health and success. It’s not just about sets and reps and perfecting technique, Youth Barbell Club is focused on being a part of the community that it takes to raise strong, confident, healthy, and resilient young people.

Yes, we have both male and female coaches. Simply note which gender you’d like to work with on your intake form upon signing up. Currently, our female coaches have limited spots available.

No, the first 90 days will lay a foundation for long-term training.Your membership will continue on a month-to-month basis unless you decide to cancel or pause your service. However, you can and are encouraged to continue training with your Coach following completion of your first 90-days.

  • Individualized programming and interaction through TrueCoach that you can use right on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Breakdown of every single workout from your coach, and a rapid turnaround time so that you always have feedback before your next training session
  • Accountability to basic sleep and nutritional habits that will lay the foundation for success inside and outside of the weight room
  • Quarterly video calls with your coach, peers in the program, and a guest speaker who are role models that have achieved great successes in their lives. For example, the first quarter of 2020 our special guest is Gabe Dean, 2x National Champion Wrestler
  • Access to an amazing community of BLOC-YBC clients and coaches in our private, Snapchat group of no more than 32 other clients and coaches, where you can ask questions, discuss training, programming, nutrition, and receive encouragement and support from others in the BLOC-YBC family
  • There is no other remote coaching service that provides the same depth of coaching through an online platform. Through written and or video feedback on a regular basis, our expert coaches deliver technique feedback, workout programs tailored to the needs and goals of the individual, and nutritional and sleep pattern accountability. Through the process of coaching each client through their weight training journey with such a high touch service, our coaches and clients develop strong, meaningful relationships despite being hundreds or even thousands of miles away from one another. The trusting relationship our coaches develop with each client along with the training education, nutrition, and sleep accountability, we are able to deliver a robust and very effective online coaching service.
  • Our service strives to provide not only technical and programming help, but we seek to make a lasting impact on the lives of each one of our clients. On a quarterly basis, our coaches and clients take part in a Group Video Call with a Special Guest Speaker who has achieved high levels of success in their lives. For example, in the first quarter of 2020, 2x National Champion Wrestler from Cornell University, Gabe Dean, will be our first guest speaker of the year.
  • Our small Snapchat groups of clients and coaches provides a sense of community that is as close as we can get to being at the gym, training together. Snapchat allows our clients to interact and build camaraderie through training, nutrition, and general “gym” conversations. It allows kids to connect with, become inspired by, and build friendships with other kids from around the world training toward their goals virtually alongside one another.


We encourage becoming involved with our online community through the use of the app, however, it is not required to be on Snapchat to participate.

Snapchat allows up to 32 people per group. There is at least one coach monitoring and participating in each group of clients. As for our rules and regulations, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy. We do not tolerate any inappropriate, mean, degrading, or negative posting. This community is positive, kind, friendly, and fun to be a part of and we want to keep it that way. If there are posts that violate these rules, clients will be asked to remove themselves from the group with no second chances.


Yes! Building nutritional habits is a pillar of the initial 90 days. Each client is held accountable by their coach to to building habits around their training. They submit meals after training, for breakfast, and even pre-bed snacks. They will build sustainable habits to keep them strong for sports and life.

Clients are also held accountable to getting 8 hours of sleep the night before each training session. It’s important to learn how lifestyle impacts training. Nutrition and sleep are fundamental to building a strong, resilient, athletic body and our coaches hold our clients accountable to doing the right things for their body.


Resistance training is a very safe activity when guided by an experienced professional. It has a lower injury risk than many other sports kids participate in. Many weight room injuries among kids and adolescents are due to a lack of supervision and children being left to their own devices. The safest thing you can do is hire a professional Coach for your child to learn safe and correct technique, load management, and general weight room practices. Our coaches instruct on weight room safety through videos and feedback along with prescribing appropriate training modalities that begin very conservatively for each client. This ensures minimal risk for each client.

Many of our clients train on their own without any parent supervision. Our coaches tailor each client’s training programs according to their biological age, training experience, and maturity levels. If they train alone, our coaches start with the safest of exercises such as basic push ups, pull ups, and air squats if they have never seen your son or daughter move before. From there, our coaches are able to make safe and appropriate training decisions along with explicit instruction on how to perform the training session safely.

Our coaches will start your son or daughter “too easily” on their training program to leave wiggle room for mistakes and to ensure that their progression is slow, steady, and safely implemented.

Weight training will not stunt a growing child’s growth, that is a myth that has been disproven with robust scientific literature.



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