Exclusive Coaching is perfect for those seeking a specialty strength coaching experience for specific training needs, including training around injuries and rehabilitation, deployed military, pre- and postnatal, and more.

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Exclusive Coaching from Exclusive Coaches

BLOC Exclusive Coaches have a minimum of five years’ strength coaching experience and a developed specialty including:

  • Working with seniors
  • In-season/off-season athletes
  • Strength training for specific sports
  • Training with injuries or disabilities
  • Training around irregular schedules
  • Deployed military
  • Prenatal and postnatal lifters
  • Competitive lifters
  • Advanced programming

Choose your coach or have one assigned to you who can meet your unique training needs.

If you aren’t sure which coach is the best fit for you, we can help. Our Director of Client Experience will pair you with a coach based on a comprehensive questionnaire after you sign up.


Your journey to strength starts here.

Whether you’ve struggled to stick with a plan or your technique is holding you back, now is the time to get started with Barbell Logic Online Coaching. You’ll be matched with an expert strength coach that is going to build a custom program based on your goals and offer you the accountability you need to see those goals become a reality.


Not sure if strength training is right for you?
Our clients range from people in their 80s to young, highly trained athletes.

We really believe it when we say strength is for everyone.

I was diagnosed with MS right after college. I had lost strength and feeling in my legs from the waist down. The numbness comes and goes now, but I’m squatting 90 pounds more than I was when I first started working with Barbell Logic and my coach. Thanks for keeping me accountable and pushing me.”


After a diagnosis of osteoporosis, I finally contacted Barbell Logic and was encouraged to hear that strength training would be something I could actually accomplish and begin to strengthen my bones. Not only was weight lifting completely out of my comfort zone, I never thought I would commit to it the way I have and actually submit videos of myself doing so. It has quickly become an important and essential part of my life. I’m feeling stronger every week with the support of my family and my coach.”



With online coaching from Barbell Logic, you’ll receive:


You deserve a pathway to strength as unique as you are. From your medical history and lifestyle to your work schedule and personal goals, your program is custom-built for maximized results.


Our app makes it easy to submit your lifts from wherever you are and on your schedule. You’ll receive rapid, in-depth instruction from your personal Barbell Logic coach on every lift and every workout.


From the day-to-day interactions with your personal coach to connecting with fellow BLOC clients in our online community, your commitment to getting strong will grow your health and build relationships that last.


Michael Burgos

Perfect for: Training with injuries or disabilities • Strength training for specific sports • Advanced programming • Training around irregular schedules


Michael Burgos is a barbell coach with a one-of-a-kind background. To his knowledge, he is the only barbell strength professional with a background in occupational therapy. Even if others exist, Burgos is the only one to have earned an advanced certification in the practice of hand therapy (CHT). He is the only person – alive or dead, in the entirety of human existence – to have ever done this. Burgos’ occupational-hand therapy career was dedicated to outpatient orthopedics with a focus on skilled elbow-to-fingertip subspecialty rehabilitation.

OTs view their clients differently than other health professionals. They select intervention strategies and techniques to respond to the needs of the client as a whole rather than relying solely on established protocols and doctrine. OTs are fearless and willing to bend the rules to achieve a net positive outcome. Above all else, OTs are committed to customized service and individualization. They understand that progress is often non-linear when circumstances are not optimal.

Sadly, the faster a client recovers, the fewer charges can be made to their insurance company. Being a good therapist isn’t good for business. Unwilling to intentionally turn his clients into cash cows on administrator’s orders, Burgos left the therapy world voluntarily and joined Barbell Logic as a staff coach in 2018 to apply his caregiver and servant mindset to the barbell strength coaching profession.

In tandem with serving his coaching clients online, Burgos also pours into the next generation of coaches as an educator for the Coaching Academy. Having mastered the fundamentals of basic barbell training, digesting evidence and opinion contrary to his experience, and constantly being exposed to new ideas and novel strategies from his students, Burgos’ teaching experience has reshaped his approach to strength training completely. Further, many coaches under his tutelage have gone on to establish their own small businesses and coaching practices.

Burgos carries his OT attitude and teaching prowess into his barbell coaching career. In particular, Burgos excels with working with men who haven’t had success in barbell training – either on their own or with a skilled coach. He understands that the principles of basic barbell training, linear progression, and Minimum Effective Dose programming are potential tools to use, not the law to abide by.

He prides himself on the ability to impress determination and focus on men who have difficulty motivating themselves to do hard things through the therapeutic use of his expertise and quirky personality. Since 2014, he has worked with a variety of clients including busy small business owners, fellow professional strength and conditioning coaches, military personnel, first-responders, career and recreational martial artists, and blue-collar workforce members who want to be able to provide for their families past age 40.

When he’s not coaching, Burgos can be found studying foreign languages, practicing martial arts, reading, or playing video games with his perfect wife: a gal of hardy stock, and high quality.

Nikki Burman

Perfect for: Deployed military • Prenatal and postnatal lifters • Competitive Lifters • Nutrition • Training around irregular schedules


Nikki Burman is a master at truly connecting with her clients. She identifies what it takes to drive a person to make incredible changes and goes above and beyond to support them in doing so. She specializes in working with those in the military, prenatal and postnatal lifters, and people wanting to lose or gain weight. Nikki also has a knack for competitive lifters coaching many through state, regional and national meets and has coached multiple clients to set powerlifting state records.

For military clients, Nikki understands the unique fitness requirements for the different service branches. She has been privileged to coach service members—both deployed and at home—helping prepare them for physical fitness tests while maintaining their strength.

Through personal experience and working with a coach throughout her pregnancy, she can now relate to what women experience during prenatal and postnatal life. She better understands how to guide them through their training, keeping them safe and strong.

Nikki started off her strength journey by going through her own transformation and losing 30 pounds. She understands the obstacles that are to be faced and what it takes to achieve the goal of a real body and lifestyle changes. That, with her experience in nutrition coaching, enables her to help her clients who have specific weight goals, whether it be losing or gaining.

Nikki is a certified Starting Strength Coach, Precision Nutrition certified and holds a B.S. in the Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Cameron Cox

Perfect for: Nutrition • Aesthetic-based goals


Cameron is one of the beefiest coaches on the BLOC staff. He understands that many lifters not only want to BE strong, but to LOOK strongl.
Drawing from over a decade of training, and 5 years of barbell coaching, he specializes in helping clients get strong and look the part. He has gained over 70 muscular pounds in his own strength journey and knows that muscular bulk is much more than 3 or 4 days a week in the gym. It takes building the right dietary habits, culinary skills, and motivation to change one’s body and one’s life. Cameron specializes in teaching those skills, reinforcing the right habits and creating the program that not only helps his clients achieve their health and strength goals, but also LOOK strong while doing it.

Cameron’s clients work hard under his guidance and make incredible transformations.

He is a Starting Strength Coach and owner of Cox Barbell Club in Charleston, SC. He received his Bachelor’s degree from University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Recreation Management and has furthered his own education with continuing education courses in Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Kinesiology from Charleston Southern University.

Andrew Jackson

Perfect for: Competitive Lifters • Advanced programming • Training around irregular schedules • In-season/off-season athletes • Strength training for specific sports


Andrew is our VP of Operations, acting Coaching Academy Director, and Exclusive Coach.

Andrew has a diverse professional and athletic background and specializes in integrating strength training into a balanced life of work, family, and competition. He grew up playing multiple sports culminating in three varsity letters as the stroke seat of the Oregon State Men’s Rowing Team, a top ten crew in the country. He also earned Pac-10 First-Team All-Conference and All-Academic honors in 2001. As an adult, Andrew has primarily competed in Olympic weightlifting.

Having experience as both a competitive collegiate athlete as well as a working parent competing during the weekend, Andrew has a unique combination of both professional and personal expertise balancing family life, work, and training.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering on an academic scholarship at Oregon State, Andrew served in the US Navy for six years as a Surface Warfare Officer with a specialty in nuclear power operations. Upon completing his military service, Andrew entered the corporate arena and worked as an operations leader and executive in the aerospace and electronics manufacturing industry for ten years. During that time, he completed a Masters in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University. Andrew joined Barbell Logic in 2016 as a staff coach and eventually joined the company in a full-time position in 2019.

After personally benefiting from strength training he is passionate about helping others along their strength journey. Andrew has been training for over 25 years and a professional barbell coach since 2011. He coaches clients from all walks of life: high school athletes, working professionals, and masters athletes that aim to stay healthy.


Rebekah Krieg

Perfect for: Training with injuries or disabilities • Prenatal and postnatal lifters • Competitive lifters • Advanced programming


Bekah has set a high standard for coaches. As one of Barbell Logic’s most veteran coaches, she has become far more than just a master of correcting movement patterns, she is also a master at establishing strong relationships with her clients and is one of our more established educators in the Barbell Logic Academy.

Having worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant for fifteen years, she brings a high level of experience to the team and to her clients with an expert eye for recognizing movements that may be causing pain. Between that and her 6 years of experience as a strength coach, she has quite the arsenal for guiding lifters to work around pain or setbacks to continue to build strength.

After a collegiate soccer career, Bekah spent eight years coaching high school girls basketball. Her observations throughout her career as a therapist and as coach led her to the pursuit of strength training to ensure the reversal of both her client’s atrophy and her own. Bekah does this through highly individualized programming and communication to stay aligned on important goals and life factors. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach and has worked with many clients to achieve body composition changes.

Bekah has written for Barbell Logic and most enjoys spreading the message that “anyone can get stronger- and the investment is worth it.” A message she and fellow BLOC Staff Coach, Caleb Krieg preach at their gym Krieg Strength in State College, Pennsylvania. Bekah works with clients from age 12- 74, teaching barbell training to both couch potatoes, record-holding competitive powerlifters, and college athletes alike.

Current Lift PRs: Squat 265, Deadlift 340, Bench 205, Press 125, Power Clean 160


Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy

Perfect for: Prenatal and postnatal lifters • Competitive lifters • Training with injuries or disabilities

Anna Marie knows a thing or two, or five, about incorporating strength into a busy and fulfilling life. She is a homeschooling mother of five (even pre-COVID), a competitive powerlifter in the USAPL, USAPL Washington State Referee, and Sole Owner and Operator of AM Strength in Tacoma, WA.

Anna Marie is an excellent guide for women who want to continue training while pregnant. She actually PR’d her deadlift while 32 weeks pregnant with her 5th child and trained the big lifts until the week her daughter was born. She was back to training again four weeks after her fastest, easiest, labor and delivery.

Coaching a lifter through postpartum training calls for a very special skill set and level of trust that Anna Marie takes pride in establishing. She is a resource for any question or obstacle that may arise during this phase of life.

Her expertise is not limited to pregnant and postpartum women, she has experience coaching people from all walks of life. From young athletes to people recovering from knee or shoulder surgery to busy parents and grandparents who just want to be able to play with their kids or grandkids.

As a mom and gym owner, she understands the real-life demands of being a provider and the strength that is required to truly be there for a family. And as a competitive lifter, she knows how to light the right fire in her clients when the time is right to push the limits.

Matt Reynolds

Perfect for: Competitive Lifters • Advanced programming • Training around irregular schedules


Matt Reynolds has nearly 20 years of experience competing in strength sports and coaching barbell-based strength and conditioning. He first totaled “elite” in powerlifting in 2004, won his professional status in the sport of Strongman in 2006, and founded one of the strongest and largest pure-strength gyms in the country, STRONG Gym, (PowerliftingWatch Gym of the Year 2013 and 2014).

Matt’s strength articles have been widely published since 1999, and he has been interviewed by some of the world’s most popular podcasts, including Art of Manliness, Order of Man, Art of Charm, STRONG Life with Zach Even-Esh, Barbell Business, PT Prophet, and Power Athlete. He also has served as an adjunct professor for Exercise Science at Bryan University.

Matt founded and owns Barbell Logic; a company built to provide the highest quality online strength coaching and educational content in the industry, from the finest coaches on the planet, with unsurpassed customer service.
Matt also co-hosts the popular strength podcast, Barbell Logic, with fellow coach Scott Hambrick where they systematically and progressively walk through the journey of strength with their 150k+ listeners each month.


Karl Schudt

Perfect for: Advanced programming • Training around irregular schedules • Competitive lifters


Karl has attained a level of brains and brawn that most of us can only dream about. He has a background in engineering and in the liberal arts, with two engineering degrees, a doctorate in philosophy, and a master’s degree in theology. At 48 years of age, he has squatted 602.5lbs and benched 440lbs in competition.

But one of the greatest things about Karl is his generosity of knowledge and strength. He taught philosophy and humanities for twenty years at Benedictine University in Lisle, IL, but has since moved on to be full-time strength coach. He has been coaching professionally since 2012, and has run camps and staffed seminars around the country. He currently coaches in-person clients at Chicago Strength and Conditioning, is a Coaching Academy instructor, and works at Online Great Books running seminars on the great books.

His strength journey began in high school with the Nautilus machines. He kinda leveled up in college and got pretty good at the bench press. But then, as many do, he went astray, exercising with various ineffective machines and even tried running. He was weak. When his son John was born, he discovered how weak he truly was, since carrying him around gave Karl debilitating back spasms. He discovered barbells and serious strength training in an attempt to cure his back problems. Since he started deadlifting in 2009, those problems have vanished. He wasn’t imbalanced or suffering from a pathology, he was just weak. Barbell training changed his life, and he wants to help other people get the same benefit.

Karl now holds state records in 100% Raw Powerlifting for Illinois in the bench press, squat, and total for his age and weight class. He currently holds national records in the Masters 110kg class in US Strengthlifting. He loves teaching, but the best teaching he ever does is coaching people to get stronger.

Niki Sims

Perfect for: Training around irregular schedules • Advanced programming • Competitive lifters • In-season/off-season athletes


Niki is our VP of Internal Relations and a Staff Coach.

With over a decade of coaching experience, Niki has gained invaluable experience coaching men and women from all training backgrounds, or lack thereof, who have diverse and important goals.

Prior to becoming a dedicated strength coach, she spent many hours chasing aesthetic and flighty goals. Constantly feeling unfulfilled and stuck, it was through dedicated barbell training that she started to fully appreciate the big picture or strength. Goals are now driven by true internal values and motivation, and she hopes to help her clients find the same feeling of fulfillment in their abilities.

Niki believes that through these basic barbell exercises, one is able to connect to something that brings tremendous value to his or her life in countless ways. Through the process of becoming stronger, her clients are rewarded with confidence, usefulness, youthfulness, and growth.

Niki competes in Powerlifting and Strengthlifting with personal bests of a 290lb Squat, 120lb Press, 200lb Bench, 430lb Deadlift and a 100lb Weighted Chin-up. She also practices jiu jitsu and loves to watch sunsets over the beach.


Adam Skillin

Perfect for: Strength training for specific sports •
Advanced programming • Training around irregular schedules


Adam Skillin has been an online coach with us since the very beginning in 2016, two years after earning a Starting Strength Coach credential. He has quite a background beyond barbell coaching, ranging from banking to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
In the early 2000’s Adam competed as an amateur MMA fighter, retiring with a 4-0 record. It was during his fighting career that he found his way to dedicated strength training. After earning his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Adam’s focus shifted towards barbell training and coaching. All this while pursuing a successful career in the banking industry.
It was in 2018 that Adam left the banking race and committed full time to coaching. His personal experience in balancing strength training with BJJ and strength training with a busy professional life has made him an extremely effective and relatable coach. He is able to work closely with his clients and help them to strike the right balance between lifting, work, family and other athletic pursuits.
Adam occasionally competes in Powerlifting and Strength Lifting in the 75kg (165 lbs) weight class. His personal best gym lifts to date are 445 lbs Squat, 205 lbs Press, 300 lbs Bench Press, and 550 lbs Deadlift.
His focus as a coach is centered on guiding people through the process of becoming and staying strong in order to maximize quality of life as they age. He helps recreational and competitive athletes become stronger in order to improve their performance in a wide array of sports. Adam lives in Freehold, New Jersey with his wife and their dog, Tiberius, and he’s a sucker for a good (bad) “dad joke.”

Jordan Stanton

Perfect for: Competitive lifters • Advanced programming • Strength training for specific sports


Jordan Stanton, owner of Next Level Barbell and President of the United States Strengthlifting Federation, entered the world of strength coaching after having the pleasure of training alongside some of the strongest strength athletes in the nation. He has coached three IPF world champions, two APA world champions, and two USSF champions, all with innumerable state, national, and world records.

After receiving his BSN degree from the University of Portland in 2009, Jordan has been a practicing intensive care nurse. He uses his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medicine to the benefit of his clients. In addition, he is a Precision Nutrition Coach.

Jordan has been involved in competitive basketball, football, bowling, triathlon, strongman, and powerlifting. Currently Jordan is a powerlifter with a 700lb squat, 475lb bench press, 675lb deadlift and a 260lb press.

Jordan, when not moving iron, can often be found on the jiu jitsu mats, the rock wall, and the local swimming pool. He enjoys hiking the great wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and is a self-proclaimed video game nerd.

Randy Winfrey

Perfect for: Working with seniors • In-season/off-season athletes • Training around irregular schedules • Deployed military


Randy has been in the fitness industry for 22 years, coaching clients from all over the world both in-person and online. Prior to that, he served in the United States Air Force as a firefighter, then as a Special Agent investigator with the Office of Special Investigations. Both jobs required that he stay in top physical condition to handle challenging situations. He had been training consistently since the late 1970’s, so staying in top physical condition was not a problem for him. In 1997, he left military service and started a personal training business. At first, he focused on endurance athletes since he had experience as a triathlete, and runner. He had always included strength training as part of the program, but over time he became more interested in strength as a foundation for all other physical endeavors. He sought personal guidance from many in the field of barbell sports, such as Jim Schmitz, Joe Dube, Mike Burgener, Tim Swords, Jim Steel and Mark Rippetoe. In 2012, he became a certified Starting Strength coach, taught at various seminars and coached hundreds of people in the barbell lifts. In 2016, Randy moved to online coaching with Matt Reynolds and what is now Barbell Logic. Currently, he is the Athletic Director and Head Track & Field coach at a private school in the Houston area, where he has gone undefeated since 2015. He also coaches in person strength training at his well-equipped home gym.

Randy has an extensive background in many areas of life, including undercover narcotics work, espionage investigations, protective service operations, firefighting, coaching and teaching. He also experienced different cultures by living places such as Italy, Greece, and Spain. This has given him an understanding of training in unfamiliar environments and situations and the ability to adapt.

Now he enjoys being a teacher and using his experiences to help people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles achieve their physical fitness goals. Although the basic training variables are frequency, volume and intensity, his underlying motto is, “Life is the forgotten 4th variable that ultimately dictates training.” Consequently, Randy understands how life can impact training and has adapted his training accordingly. He trains as often as possible and at the age of 57 he can still run, cycle, swim, jump, squat and deadlift over 400 lbs, and press 75% of his bodyweight for reps. If you want a coach that can help you become strong regardless of your life’s demands, Randy has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Liz Zeutschel

Perfect for: Training with injuries or disabilities • Prenatal and postnatal lifters


Liz has been a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2012 and certified Starting Strength Coach since 2017. With almost 4 years of experience in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine, as well as 6 years of experience under the bar including 4 competitions and 2 pregnancies, she possesses the knowledge and experience to help people of all ages and ability levels become stronger and healthier while remaining pain and injury free.

Experiencing pain or injury does not mean that training has to stop. Every situation is unique and having a coach with experience like Liz’ is crucial for working through these phases of training.

Liz has the background to help clients navigate the complexities of training around pain by providing highly individualized programming and expert movement analysis. She is caring and very attentive to detail. Her unique guidance has helped many clients through challenging times.

She is a competitive powerlifter in the USAPL 52kg weight class, with personal bests of 102.5kg (226lb) squat, 55kg (121lb) bench, 110kg (242.5lb) deadlift, and a 335.47 Wilks. She currently holds the Mississippi state record for the squat, bench, and total.

Liz is an ex-dancer, former military spouse, and mother of two. She has experience training during and after pregnancy. She and her husband currently reside in Leesburg, VA. She loves hiking, boating, gardening, cooking, and a good bottle of cab.

CJ Gotcher

Perfect for: Coach development • Military selection • Hybrid barbell/calisthenics


CJ is the Director of the Barbell Academy and an Exclusive Coach.

CJ has a diverse athletic background, having competed in Cross Country, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do Obstacle Course Racing, and currently Powerlifting.

He started coaching as a Physical Training Officer at the United States Naval Academy, helping midshipmen prepare for the Physical Readiness Test and service selection tests before serving seven years as a Naval Surface Warfare Officer. There, he took on a variety of roles, including leading a Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure team and serving as an operations support officer with SEAL Team 8.

Since completing his service in 2015, CJ started coaching full-time with CrossFit 760 and independently coaching lifters to reach their barbell and calisthenics strength goals. CJ joined Barbell Logic in 2016 as a staff coach, began teaching Academy classes in 2018, and became the Academy Director in 2020.

CJ sees barbell training as a way to serve and support a person’s deep why in sport, mission, and life. His mission is to pay it forward, helping passionate lifters make the leap into coaching—learning the right skills and reaching the right audience—to spread the benefits of greater strength and resilience to those they serve.

Jonathon Sullivan

Perfect for: Working with seniors • Working around injuries or disabilities


Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, FACEP, SSC is an emergency physician, research scientist, author, and the owner of Greysteel Strength and Conditioning, a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym in Farmington Michigan. He is focused on the science and practice of strength training to combat the degenerative diseases of aging. He is a former US Marine and a 3d Dan in Tang Soo Do. Sully served as an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Wayne State University, where he saw patients, taught clinical medicine, and conducted neuroscience research.

He retired from medical practice and academics in 2017 to devote himself to a full-time coaching practice and writing. His YouTube channel can be found at YouTube.com/Greysteel, and his book “The Barbell Prescription,” with Coach Andy Baker, is available from Amazon or from the Aasgaard Company.


Caleb Krieg

Perfect for: Advanced Programming • Competitive Lifters • Olympic Lifting


Caleb is an exceptionally well-rounded coach and constantly goes above and beyond for his clients.

He got his start in coaching years ago as a weak and underweight CrossFitter. Frustrated with his own lack of progress, he learned that simple, hard barbell training produced more results in a few months than all those years of previous exercising had. Wanting to share this, he became passionate about helping get others under a barbell and has now coached hundreds of lifters to PRs.

He has been working as a strength coach professionally since 2014 and with Barbell Logic since 2017. In addition to coaching for Barbell Logic full-time, Caleb and his wife Rebekah own and operate a small semi-private training studio, Krieg Strength, in Holland, Michigan. He enjoys coaching a wide variety of trainees from average Joe’s to serious lifters looking to compete in Strength, Olympic, or Powerlifting.

Best Personal Lifts: Squat 525, Deadlift 555, Press 275, Bench 350, Power Clean 315, Snatch 255, Clean and Jerk 335.



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