Walking away meant giving up,
and I didn’t want to do that.

I was going to have to lift in the dark.

So, I repeated the previously mentioned steps; and I pulled harder than a backwoods dentist yanking on a molar; and it broke off the ground. It was slow and painful. . . . [B]ut I pulled it, and for a moment, there was a reprieve. Barbell Therapy had offered a short break from the crippling darkness.”

Darrell Jones
“Lifting in the Dark: Strength Training and Depression.”

Sometimes lifting weights can help lift you up.

There are benefits to strength training that have nothing to do with the weight on the bar. While the mental health benefits of exercise (in general) are well established, success in strength training will reflect your consistency and the work that you put into it. Strength training builds resilience, helps you adapt to change, and can be an island of control in otherwise turbulent times.

Below we share stories from our coaches and community on how strength can positively impact mental health.

Struggling to make training fit?

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