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How To Box Squat

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The History

In today’s video, we teach you how to box squat correctly – a supplemental squat exercise for intermediate to advanced lifters.

There’s a slight difference in how we teach the box squat vs the box squat by Westside Barbell and Louie Simmons. Westside teaches a “rocking” box squat, where the lifter sits on the box, rocks back and uses that momentum to stand up.

We teach the box squat as a way to break up the eccentric and concentric portions of the squat – with no rock back. This eliminates the stretch reflex at the bottom of the squat. Check out the full tutorial in the video!

How To

Set up for the box squat the same way you would the low bar back squat – same grip, bar position, etc. Set up the box so that when you touch the box with your butt, you are at proper depth (just below parallel).

The goal during a box squat is to maintain vertical shins – use the hips and posterior chain! This supplemental lift is great for lifters who have trouble staying in their hips.

Don’t relax your torso at any point while performing the box squat – touch the box “like a ninja.”

Programming the Box Squat

This lift is not for novice lifters. Intermediate or advanced lifters can add the box squat as their supplemental squat in a 4 day split, possibly on the same day as their competition deadlift.

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