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7 Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Nutrition

This free ebook is all about learning how you can win with food without giving up the meals and moments you love the most.

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Healthy nutrition isn’t about following the latest fad or white-knuckling your way through weeks of undereating…

Sustainable nutrition comes from simple and effective habits that support your quality of life. Changing habits can be hard, but Guided Nutrition makes the process straightforward and achievable.

How It Works:

Along the way, you’ll have access to a wealth of educational resources, including articles, practical tips, and recipes so that you’re empowered to make sustainable, healthy long-term choices.

The best part is that it’s all delivered in TurnKey Coach! There’s no need for cumbersome third-party tracking apps—and forget about specific, rigid meal plans. This system is designed for real people with real, busy lives who need flexibility and guided support.

Whether you want to get leaner, build strength and support performance, or simply shore up your current nutrition habits, one of our Guided Nutrition pathways is right for you!

Specifics on Each System:


This 12-week system is designed to aid in gradual and sustainable fat loss or body recomposition (losing body fat while still getting stronger). By encouraging easy-to-implement habit changes and creating accountability around your intake, we can promote fat loss without the need for complicated meal plans or third-party tracking apps.

Simple. Hard(ish). Effective.


This 12-week template is ideal for athletes and lifters looking to build muscle mass and support their barbell training with proper fueling. If you’re a “hard gainer,” underweight, or generally wanting to add muscle mass, this system is built for you.

Strength and Performance Support is designed to keep you well-fueled and well-nourished for the reps ahead.


Healthy nutrition goes beyond just macros and calories, and reaches into habits around food. Some less-than-ideal habits reach back decades. This 12-week nutrition system is intended for those who want to modify habits around food choices and adopt a more intuitive eating style. Go beyond traditional calorie assignments, and dive into other areas that influence overall health and nutrition decisions, like creating a sound bedtime routine and tuning in to caffeine habits.

If you’re craving a more balanced nutrition practice to aid in a healthy body composition, you’re in the right place.


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