Meet Day is Here!

Today is the big day. It is time to display your hard earned strength.

You have prepared well, which we explored in our last meet video. You gathered all your equipment the night before and have food for the long day ahead. Ideally you have a friend or lifting partner to help guide you through the day.

The day typically begins with a rules briefing. The meet director will highlight the most important points, but this should not be your only exposures to the rules. Come in prepared having read through the rules. This is a good opportunity to clarify any questions that you have.

Meet Organization

The next step is usually going up on the stage to set your rack height for the squat, bench or press. Take your time and make sure to set the rack at the appropriate height. If you are between two heights err on the side of too low.

Meets are typically arranged in flights. Flight A will complete their first, second, and third squat attempts before flight B takes the stage. Once the last flight has completed their squats the competition will move on to the pressing movement.

This is important for knowing when to begin warming up. Begin your warmup 15-20 minutes before you are supposed to take the stage. Stronger lifters will want to begin earlier. Keep your warmup as normal as possible, just like any other training day. Prepare your body, work on your commands, but do not waste energy. Plan to take your last warmup 8-10 minutes before you are set to lift your opener.

Taking the Stage

It’s now your time to lift on the stage. Your opening attempt should be something that you could complete under any circumstances. You’re likely to be nervous – in competition you cannot decrease the weight of your attempts, the equipment will be unfamiliar, judges will be making sure you complete the lift according to the rules, and a crowd of people will be watching. Err on the side of opening too light.

You will be called to the platform. At this time you will have 60 seconds to begin your attempt. This is plenty of time. Calmly approach and set up just as you would for any other lift during your training. Narrow your focus to a one or two cues. Listen for your commands. Execute the lift. After your first squat your nervousness will decrease tremendously and you will be in for a fun day of lifting.

You will then have a second, and a third attempt. The goal for your first meet is to go 9/9, achieving every single attempt. Any PR’s that you set are an added bonus. When in doubt be conservative.

Keeping Calm

Between attempts, sit or lie down. It’s a lot of fun to watch the other lifters but you need to rest, save your energy, and fuel up to be ready for your next lift. This could be a very long day depending on the size of the competition. Fuel your body with foods that you eat on a regular basis. We cannot emphasize this enough – save your energy.

The competition will progress from the squat, to the bench or press, and finally to the deadlift.

Once the last flight has pulled its final deadlift, the competition will come to a close. Winners will be selected for weight classes based on total amounts lifted, as well as an overall winner selected based off a Wilks coefficient that takes into account bodyweight. However, remember that your goal for the day was to go 9/9 and get your first meet in the books.

Congratulations, you are now a competitive lifter!


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