Client Spotlight: Fred Weisbrod

Father of Freddie and Ethan Weisbrod (The Weisbrod Clan). Fred has been with Barbell Logic for about a year. During that time, he traveled through SE Asia and Australia for almost four months and all three of them trained through the entire trip. He's a member of The Academy and has started a home gym that he trains other teens at his son's school. He's also a beast of a lifter that's just getting going—hitting PRs almost every week on all of his lifts right now, squatting mid-400's for reps, and competing in a USSF meet.
We’re shining the spotlight on the Barbell Logic community of lifters, coaches, and students. Everyone has a different answer to the fundamental question “Why strength?” Find out what drives your fellow barbell advocates, learn what gets them out of bed and into the gym most days, and maybe discover some new lifting songs.

Fred Weisbrod

What do your parents or spouse call you when you are in trouble?


What is your occupation?

Technologist at Verizon

Who is your BLOC Coach?

Theeee Andrew Jackson

What is something your coach has had to tell you a million and one times?

Deadlif—more squeeze

What is your favorite lift?


Where do you live?


Do you lift in a home gym or a public gym?

Home gym 

Gym cat, dog or something else?

Gym kid(s)

How long have you been training?

About two years. 5×5 to SS to BLOC

Why did you start lifting?

To stay the strongest person in the house…two teenage boys at home, so lots of chest-thumping and chest-bumping.

What do you love about training? 

That I’m frequently hitting PR’s. Never thought I’d be this strong.

What lifting achievement are you most proud of?

Training consistently while on a multi-month trip overseas. Nothing was ideal for training.

Would you rather magically increase one of your lifts by 100% or each of your PRs by 20%?

Magically increase each of your PRs by 20%

Describe a time after you started training when someone noticed your gains. What was it like?

My wife after a year or so… “everything is bigger.” Heh. But also meeting up with friends after not seeing each other for a few years. “Man, you looked jacked. I need to start doing curls again.” Yep, the curls did all this.  

What or who gets you to train when your motivation is really low?


Pre-workout of choice

Candy and instant coffee

What are some of your go-to lifting songs?

For use only as needed: Metallica—Enter Sandman; Rammstein—Du Hast

What is the most embarrassing song you like?

Let it Go from Frozen

What’s one of your personal lifting superstitions?

Setting up the left side first…left hand grabbing the bar, left foot forward while getting under a squat.  

What are some of your lifting-related goals for this year? 

5RMs – SQ 550, B 300, P 230, DL 550

Do you plan on competing in a meet this year? If so, what are your goals?

Not at this time

What have you learned about yourself from barbell training?

The body is an amazing machine, and it will adapt to what you smartly require it to do.

Who is someone you’d love to try barbell training and why?

There’s a tall, skinny kid I’ve known for years through other activities who has poor confidence from his appearance and other factors life has put in his way. It’s my goal to get him training this year. I’d love to see what a good six months of eating and training could teach him, and help put him on a different path.

Dead or alive, who would you love to lift with?

My Dad

If BLOC made a yearbook, which do you think you’d most likely win?

Most likely to space out their workout throughout the day.

How much do you love to eat? 1, It’s a chore – 5, What are we eating next??? 


What’s your favorite meal? Please use as much detail as possible.

BBQ flank steak, sweet potatoes, and a garden salad. This is the go-to backyard Summer meal, so there’s a lot of good memories I associate with it. Oh, and pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream…

What was your favorite childhood TV show?


What is a movie that you have watched over and over and over again?

Top Gun. I kicked myself a thousand times for not becoming a pilot. This was especially true after being up for 30+ hours on a submarine.  

Tell us your best dad joke. 

Do you know why there’s a fence around cemeteries? People are dying to get in.

Anything else you would like to share with your BLOC brethren and sistren? 

I just want to thank Coach Andrew again. He’s been great as a coach for our family and really opened my eyes to what’s possible through this endeavor. I hope to someday be a coach of his caliber.  




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