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Partners’ Schedule:
August 6-8, 2021 • Springfield, MO

We value your friendship and consider you a critical partner to Barbell Logic. Please join us for our BLOC Party, where we can get to know each other better and increase your influence among our staff, coaches, and clients. You are welcome to attend any of our events or see to other matters as necessary.

Your attendance is gratis ($499 if you have a plus-one), and everything is included. All lodging, food, presentations, training. Everything. All you need to do is get to Springfield, MO, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ve booked an entire hotel convention center and huge strength gym just for this occasion. But capacity is limited to 150 people (including staff). So don’t wait to register and plan your trip.

Important items to address:

  • Spouses, sweethearts, and other “plus-ones” are welcome and encouraged to attend at a discounted rate.
  • Children under 18 are not allowed.
  • Please email with any questions related to the BLOC Party.

If getting to hang out, lift, eat, and drink with other members of the BLOC community isn’t enough to convince you, here’s a general outline of events to help make up your mind to go.


August 6

Plan to arrive in Springfield no later than 12PM. You will need to arrange for your own transportation to the Hilton Garden Inn. Event related transportation during the BLOC Party is included in your registration.

Training & Coaching
We’ll kick things off Friday afternoon with a training and informal coaching session. (Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves!) This will include a super friendly King of the Hill lifting competition. The weight for each of the four lifts starts low and increases in even increments every round. The last remaining lifter is the King of the Hill!

Dinner & Keynote
The evening will wrap up with a fancy dinner from a world-class chef and Brett McKay as the keynote speaker.

Brett founded the Art of Manliness in 2008 and has grown it into the largest independent men’s interest magazine on the web. He has a BA in Letters from the University of Oklahoma. Brett also has a deep interest in the Great Books and former United States President Theodore Roosevelt.

His keynote address is titled “On Roosevelt and Deadlifts.” His comments will explore the intersection of barbell strength training, Roosevelt’s strenuous life, and how they enable us to achieve our full potential.

You can learn more about Brett and the Art of Manliness here.

August 7

Presentations & Free Time
We’ll spend time with our clients learning about training, programming, nutrition, and injuries. In between presentations, you will have plenty of free time to relax, mingle, and win awesome prizes.

The Real Party Starts
We’ll end the conference on Saturday night with a catered dinner and a high-octane keynote. Then we’ll roll out the dance floor, open up the bar, and get the real party started!

August 8

We will wrap up the conference with a Sunday morning brunch prepared by a Michelin-starred chef with BLOC clients and a BLOC State of the Union by Matt Reynolds.

Training and/or Private Coaching
At the close of the conference you will have drop-in access at the gym to train (FREE). Private coaching sessions will be offered Sunday afternoon in 90 minute blocks at a rate of $150 for private coaching or $200 for semi-private (you and your guest). BLOC will manage the schedule and coach assignments. Please purchase this at time of registration.


We have booked the Hilton Garden Inn and Convention Center in Southeast Springfield for the occasion and the price of your room is included with your registration. While the BLOC Party is the main event, Springfield and the rest of Missouri have plenty of other amenities and activities worth exploring. So if you want to come early or leave later, feel free to extend your stay. We have made it easy to add an additional night to the beginning and/or end of the BLOC Party but if you need to arrive earlier or leave later than the options provided at registration, please email for assistance.


We have booked a large gym (GP Athletics) for training opportunities on Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.


Your free registration includes hotel accommodations, food, and all BLOC Party events + 20% off all merch*! Add a guest for $499.

*Simply add the desired products to your cart with your BLOC Party registration and the 20% discount will automatically apply to your order. All merch purchased with your registration will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the BLOC Party. 


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