Inside Look: Barbell Logic Gym and Studio Tour

Behind the Scenes at Barbell Logic

In today’s video, we give you an exclusive look at the Barbell Logic Gym and Studio, so you can see what goes on behind the camera.

First, Matt presents his office where he does most of his online coaching work for Barbell Logic Online Coaching. He walks through his desktop setup, microphone for recording the podcast and his comfy chair.

The Famous Whiskey Collection

A fan favorite, Matt shows off his whiskey wall – a collection of nearly 300 bottles of whiskey! Can you spot your favorite?

Matt also shows his guest room, which is designed to mimic the style and feel of Hotel Vandivort in Springfield, Missouri. When coaches come into town to film videos and work, they have a beautiful, private place to stay.

The Ultimate Home Gym

Lastly, Matt walks through the home gym, which he and his wife train regularly out of. He also coaches clients from here.




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