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The Barbell Logic Podcast has published more than 400 episodes going back to 2017, averages over 150k downloads per episode, and was recognized as the Best Strength Podcast 2022 by Garage Gym Reviews.

The audience is made up of dedicated listeners who appreciate our straightforward approach to topics, primarily focusing on how barbell enthusiasts can experience strength and health to improve their overall quality of life, as well as pursue pathways to coaching others for those interested.

Because of the high level of trust we have developed with our audience over the years, we carefully select sponsorship relationships from companies that offer high-quality services and products.


Our sponsorship options are based on the unique needs of our sponsors and can be customized to include baked-in evergreen ads on a specific episode(s) or time-sensitive dynamic ads for a set number of downloads.

Additionally, for sponsors interested in a long-term relationship that cross-promotes Barbell Logic services on their platforms, sponsorship options can include participation in the BLOC Partner Program. The BLOC Partner Program includes the creation of a unique URL and/or landing page on the Barbell Logic website that can be shared on the sponsor’s website, social media channels, marketing emails, etc. Monthly payouts of $135 for each referred online coaching client and/or $89 for each referred Barbell Academy student are paid out via check or can be applied to a future podcast sponsorship payment.

To discuss the best sponsorship option for your business, complete the form below.

I am very happy with our long-term partnership with Barbell Logic. Our unique discount code for the podcast has generated over $50,000 is total sales for Micro Gainz in the last three and a half year and saved customers over $5,600.

I think Barbell Logic gave us a fantastic ROI on the advertising dollars spent on the podcast advertising. Also the fact that they actually use our products and recommend our products makes customers feel more at ease about spending money on Micro Gainz. The podcast ads themselves feel organic and real. We will continue to advertise with Barbell Logic in the future.

Mike Reed
Founder & CEO of Micro Gainz

Doing a podcast sponsorship with Barbell Logic has been great for getting the word out on our handmade weightlifting belts. The sales generated through our coupon code exceeded every other promotion we’d done to that point. To this day, we still get regular hits on the coupon many months after the sponsorship first ran. Needless to say, we’ve been very happy with the results!

Blake Wilson
Founder & CEO of Dominion Strength Training

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