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Today father-and-son team Paul and Jarrad Markel join us from Student of the Gun, a TV show, podcast, and community providing content on intelligent gun ownership and safety, hunting, self-defense, and general shooting advice. As Scott says, Student of the Gun is “the thinking man’s gun show.”


Paul Markel has a long history in physical fitness as a former Marine, police officer, and (still) an avid outdoorsman. He only recently started strength training with the barbell, however, and has noticed improvement in not only his strength and health but also in his shooting and ability to work in the field. Jarrad also has a background in athletics as a competitive wrestler and martial artist, but started strength training just over a year ago. He has reached the 200/300/400/500 benchmark, and has a lot of room to grow still.


As educators in the firearms industry, Paul and Jarrad know the value of approaching things with a logical, systematic mindset. They also recognize how hardship can shape your mind and hone your will, making you a better leader on the field. It’s no surprise that barbell training came naturally and is now an integral part of their approach to fighting and gunmanship.


Be sure to check out all the great content on the Student of the Gun website!


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